Wednesday, August 06, 2003

When did it get to be August already? Only 2 weeks till I leave for Stitches! (only 2 weeks to get my homework done. And, once again, I will have nothing for the student fashion show. sigh. Someday I will show something there - which is what I said 2 years ago.)

No pics today... didn't get them taken during the daylight, and I don't feel like adujsting for the yellowish interior light in my house. Next time.


Just when I needed something to focus my knitting, the incomparable Wendy comes up with a fabulous charity knitting project.

The mice are pretty darn cute. I'm jumping in.

Baby Knitting

I'm now another baby behind... OK, not really. I'm only 3 babies behind. The other ones haven't arrived yet, so I can't be behind yet, right?

List of baby projects:

1) Fan blanket for my cousin. Its coming along, I have knit 6 fans, and 3 are in a set so far... slowly but surely its coming along.
2) Panda sweater for one of my very close friends. Not started.
3 )Fish blanket for my very own baby. 19 fish knitted, 1 left, then attachment. However, that last fish has been sitting there for months...
4) Wife of a co-worker, I knit the first fish blanket for their first child. No clue yet what I'll start for this baby. I need to pick soon, the baby will be here in about 3 months.
5) Wife of a guy on my team. Ditto.
6) Another very close friend is trying to get pregnant. I know, this shouldn't quite be on the list yet, but I'm pretty sure there is a baby coming, and it will be on the list.

and just today I hear about:

7) friend of mine (and wife of another guy on my team) is pregnant. I think I should knit something music-related for this child, since the mom plays piano (very well), and the dad plays marimba (also very well).


I'm about half-way up the armhole shaping in the back. I'm remembering why I don't knit with much cotton or cotton-blends... their just stiff enough that they make my wrists hurt when I knit too long. Too long on Smooch is on the order of 2 rows at one sitting. Therefore, the going is slow....