Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Sorry... no part 3 yet. sigh.

And, I'm in a picture taking funk - which seems to be massively slowing down my blogging.

I have now finished 3 hats for the Dulaan project. I picked up the Vogue on the Go book with hat and scarf patterns for bulky yarn - fun. I especially had fun with the last hat I finsihed - which I will show later (tease)

I did buy more yarn - I tested out Kristine's new store - very well put together!. I bought these:

One skein of Lorna's Laces yumminess, and 3 skeins of Alchemy silk yarn. All yummy. All without projects.

I'm currenly working on Crumpets - I had to rip out the beginning AGAIN! I realized that its not the joining row that causes problems. Its the second row - the circular join in my first row is always a bit loose, and it wraps as I knit the first row - if I'm not careful, when I start the second row I can be completely twisted! (I had been absolutely certain not to twist when joining - now know better on the next row as well.)

I did play around with Flickr today - I now have a bunch of finished object pictures up there. And the pictures from my Maine trip to photograph fall foliage last autumn is up there also.

(Hopefully those links work!)

Well... g'night! tran