Wednesday, August 13, 2003

4... count 'em 4 mice.

2 sewn, 2 ready to be sewn up.

One more on the needles. I'm going to try for a rainbow of mice to send off to Wendy . Granted, I have to buy catnip first. And, one has to stay here for my kitties.

I was knitting the red mouse while out for a walk last night with my husband. (See my handy ball-holder for walking and knitting at the same time? Very cool) For the first half of our walk, I found I could walk, talk and knit simultaneously. As I got tired, I could only walk and talk at the same time. Knitting was out. Just not enough brain cells to do all three at once anymore. These mice are so much fun to knit - however, explaining how the little triangle-shaped thing becomes a mouse (and why I'm knitting cat multiple cat toys) has been interesting. Usually when I get asked what I'm knitting, the answer is something rather short. These require a bit longer explanation.

I need to talk about my kitties!

Here are my 2 kitties. Amber is the calico, Tigger is the black one. (Tigger used to bounce when he was a kitten, therefore the name).
A couple older pictures of the cats. They haven't changed much in the last couple years.
Here's Amber helping me ball up some yarn:

Here's Tigger sitting on my shoulders, trying to help out. (This is an older picture, about 2 years back. My hair is now chin-length. Same glasses, though.)

New Project
The other projects on the needle weren't enough... Smooch, baby blanket, mess o'mice, SMW homework, no! I needed to cast on for another project. I'm going to make a tank top from some well-aged Tess' ribbon yarn from my stash. Its a pretty brown, and I've had it for 4 years. I'm giong to make a Boat Neck Shell . I've got it knitted, now I've got to block it out to see what the gauge comes out to. Hopefully I'll get that done tonight.

Fan Blanket update
Finally a picture of the other baby blanket I'm working on.
There are now 3 joined fans. After I kick out a couple more mice, there will be more. I have 3 more unattached fans ready to be joined in.

I'm really looking forward to Stitches. This will be my fourth. My first was an early Stitches West (possibly the first, I don't quite remember.). I only hit the market at that one. And, I still remember walking into the market and my jaw dropping. I was _amazed_ at the number of vendors. I went wild - within my limited budget. Granted, I still have projects in my yarn closet that I bought there, but who's counting? Right?

Second and Third were the two Stitches Midwest here in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. Since I lived within driving distance, though, I attended classes and went home afterwards. I will say I was much less happy with the first MN SMW. The market was poorly lit, the classrooms difficult to find, and it felt cramped. The second, however, was much better. Much better lit market, easy to find classes, and very well run.

This will be my first Stitches where I stay at the hotel. Very interesting. I do not have a roommate, but this is by choice. I need quiet time in the evenings to relax and unwind by myself. I'm flying in Wednesday... ooh... have to call and get transportation arranged... hmmm. It'll be great!

Out my window at work lately I've been seeing a freak of nature...


No, your eyes aren't off, and I did not Photoshop this image. That is really a pale Canadian Goose. We've got quite a flock out in the pond outside the office. This one was born here this spring, so we've watched him grow up. When he was younger, we thought he was just late getting his coloring - but it looks like he's this color for good. I'm trying to get a better picture of him. I'll keep trying. Maybe the new camera will help!

New camera you say? Why yes! I picked up a Canon S50.. Very, very nice camera. All the new pictures in today's blog are from it. Since one of the classes I'm taking at Stitches is about photographing one's knitting, I'm bringing it along!