Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I'm not Bitter about not going to MDS&W. Really. It looked like amazing fun. It would have been great to meet all those bloggers. And, all that yarn... yum.

OK. I'm a bit bitter. Granted, I would not have had fun wandering about by myself. I would have not liked to be a tag-a-long, and I probably would have missed finding everyone. And, I really don't need more yarn. (That almost works to make myself feel better)

I did do good family stuff last weekend. My mother-in-law is moving, so we went and helped clean out the house. That was Saturday. Sunday we went to my mom's house and had brunch.

Now this weekend, my sister is graduating on Saturday, we have tickets to the Hobbit at the Children's Theater on Friday, and we have tickets to the Lion King on Sunday. Busy weekend... should be fun, though.

So, instead of MDS&W - I'm posting my current set of pictures.

I finished 3 Dulann Hats -

One is a basic hat. Encore Bulky.

One is a Coronet hat from Knitty. Cascade 220 in a pretty blue. I like this hat - it was fun to knit. I'm planning to knit another one soon.

The third is from the Vogue Knit on the Go book for Bulky Hats and Scarves. Its knit using short rows, then dropping stitches for the loops. I totally misread the pattern, but it still turned out cute. The loops should be off the bottom, not out of the middle, then folded up for about the same look.

Here's a closer picture.

And - Spring has arrived - see!

Flowering Crab!

My favorites... Lilacs!

(edited to remove double posting...oops)