Wednesday, October 19, 2005

So. Today sucked at work. That's all I'll say about that.

I did get my hair cut and colored today - I love it. We'll see tomorrow if i can actually STYLE it, though!

And, i'm starting a pair of fingerless gloves for those moments that I want to knit but need something more mindless than Birch2...and I'm kinda designing them myself.

First, a finished object I forgot to mention yesterday - I finally finished my Natalya gauntlets, and LOVE them (it was a pattern from Savannahchic's blog, here). They're so warm and comfy that I thought I'd make more!

Then... I picked up Leigh Radford's new book Alterknits, and there are a great pair of fingerless gloves in there that lace up the back (from the bottom to the wrist). But, I wasn't up for the rest of the pattern. (more futz than I wanted)

While looking at that pattern, I remembered an interesting pair of fingerless gloves in Weekend Knitting, but when looking at the pattern, I decided that I wasnt' big on the short rows around the hands.

(Here's a picture of the gloves from Sknitty's blog)

But, why bother with the short rows? The garter stitch should stretch enough, and it doesn't have to be completely snug around the wrist, right?

So, I'm making Garter Stitch fingerless gloves in the round, and am going to make them so they stretch around my hands. And lace up the backs.

I'm using Noro Kureon, and size 5.5mm needles. (Don't ask me the US size, I go by mm.)

Currently, I've cast on 32 stitches. I knit 4 rows (2 ridges), then knit 4, yo, [k2tog, k, yo] 3 times, knit to end. Knit until piece measures about where your thumb would go if you stretched out the knitting (I'm getting to this part next).

When I figure out the rest, I'll post it.

When I take a picture, I'll post it.