Monday, December 12, 2005

Busy. What is it about December that brings out the worst in the busy-ness? What, Christmas? You think?

I've been running 5 ways from Sunday for the last couple weeks. Haven't made a dent in my Christmas shopping. (I don't do Christmas knitting - but that's an entire different blog post). My house is an unmitigated disaster. Work is piling up. Both kids have nasty colds. (The little one was up doing the seal-bark cough and labored breathing at 1am...fortunately, we have the nebulizer and meds on hand at all times)

But, this is not a blog post to complain about my busy life. NO! Its a blog post to celebrate the joy of being a knitter. I have a story! (I, actually, have 2 stories. The second may wait until tomorrow, though.)

On Thursday last, I was stitting doing Greeter Desk* at my daughter's school. Its an easy job, and I bring my knitting. Sometimes I have other projects to do as well, but knitting is my standby. So. Thursday one of the buses was late, and one of the secretaries came out to watch the kids get in, so they knew about how long to hold attendance for. She noticed my Jaywalker sock, and went nuts. Evidently, some of the school staff has a knitting group. This woman mostly knits scarfs, but loves it. I also had my purple Birch along (and, for that matter the finished Moss Birch, cause it can get chilly at the Desk) She dragged me back to the main office because I had to show my sock off there. The women ooh'd and ahh'd over my shawl, but couldn't get enough of my sock. These knitters want to knit socks. They asked me to do a sock class for their group. Now, I've only knit 2 socks at this point - I tried to demur. Didn't get me anywhere. I think I'm doing a sock class in January.**

In the course of this, I also found that the librarian runs a knitting group for the kids one morning a week (my knitter does not attend... she'd rather talk to her friends in the morning. I may continue to bug her about this one.)

OK. Story two punted until tomorrow. TTFN!

*Greeter Desk - sitting at a desk in the front entryway of the school, saying a cheery hello to everyone who comes in, and making sure the non-staff members go sign into the office. The first person someone coming into the school sees, as only one door is open from the outside during school hours. When we had lockdown drill a few weeks back, I had some rather uncomfortable feelings about this....

** Any and all ideas for doing a sock class welcome. I think I'm going to do a mini-sock for the class, since just doing one toe and one heel is a huge confidence builder - at least it was for me.