Thursday, August 14, 2003


Found this delicious looking cookie recipe today...Jacque's Chocloate Mudslides (NYTimes article, free registration required). Oh... these look yummy. Easy to make, too. There are 2 more cookie recipies mentioned in the main article here, but these looked like the most fun, easiest, and yummiest. Now... if only I wasn't trying to lose weight...

Granted, I think the most serious threat to my weight loss attempt is the Coldstone Creamery that just opened close-by. The Caramel Turtle Temptation is to die for. And, I had another one tonight. Oh, my they are good. The ice cream is that soft, creamy kind, and they'll stir in almost anything. The CTT has fudge, caramel and pecans in vanilla ice cream.

One of my other obsessions is video games. I have a bunch of video game consoles: my current fav', a Nintendo Game Cube, a PS2, a Sega Dreamcast, a N64, an SNES and an NES (on loan from my sister). And, a Game Boy Advance. And, my Mac and my PC of course. I'm a game grrrl, I admit it. I'm still the only woman at the office (about 50 people) who will consistently play video games with the guys. I usually have close to as many games underway as I have projects on the needles. And, when I get my list of knitting projects in progress up, I'm going to add my list of games in progress.

So... why am I bringing this up on my knitting blog you ask? Well - I found this link. Essentially, Becky Schaefer is an artist who has added Lara Croft to needlepoint kits and found works. (OK - no arguements on artist vs. crafter. The article says "artist", and I'm sticking with it) One of the commenters suggested a Space Invaders scarf, which made me realize all those old-school games would chart out well. I was thinking Donkey Kong's Mario would be cool, and another poster threw out the idea for a scarf with dots down the middle and Pac-Man at the end. I think this has to go on my list for further investigation!

One more down, one more on the needles. I'm now working on an orange one. After the green one, i'll have a rainbow of mice for Wendy!

Other knititng
None. Nada. Didn't even get my swatch washed out. Oh, well... maybe tomorrow.