Monday, August 02, 2004

Here's the PicturesI have made great progress on Charlotte... Isn't she pretty? The ball at the top is the next color - starting the very next row. I'm truly enjoying this pattern. I'm greatly appreciative that I thought to put stitch markers between every repeat. Its easier to tell mid-repeat (not even mid-row) when I have missed a yarn over, or missed the "pass over" part of the sl1 K2tog psso.

This is what (I think) I'm making my Charlotte poncho out of - unless I change my mind. Its Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn. It feels soft and yummy, and I like the colors. From right to left, the colorways are: Wild Cherry, Northern Lights, Spring Frost, Green Mountain Madness , and Dusk. The Spring Frost is greener than that colorway usually is - I like it, and that was the decision point - you see, I had 2 colorways picked out. I bought this one because it wouldn't look as good with a truer Spring Frost - however, the shop lady wrote the other colors on my sales slip so I'd have them for later :-)

Now, if I change my mind about making this a Charlotte Ponch - this is a bunch of pairs of socks!

After my little rant yesterday, I got the knitting machine working. I switched tables it was mounted on, which helped greatly. This is my progress:

I'm unsure about the stripe in the middle - I think that's where I changed yarns. However, I'm likely to ignore it. When this works, it works pretty well. When it doesn't work its truly annoying.

Tonight I picked up stuff to send to my secret pal - but its a secret :-) I'll get it mailed tomorrow - can't leave my pal without presents!

And - I think I'll be able to knit on my trip - my thumb feels much better today. Shouldn't be a problem at all tomorrow! (whew!)