Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Pics and NYC

Not much knitting done since yesterday - we went to see Spiderman 2 last night! Left monitor-monitoring duties to my dad, and my DH and went to the late show of Spiderman. Excellent, excellent movie!! I laughed, I cried, I gasped. Very fun!

I did remember to grab my camera, so I have pics.

First - finished Kersti blanket!! Its beautiful!!

I love it, and I'm sure the baby will also.

I swatched out my Kersti Ribby Raglan - See?

The bottom ribbing is to gauge (amazingly enough! It only took 3 tries!)

Then, since I got gauge - I started knitting - I'm pretty slow, so it will take me a while to finish. I'm enjoying every stitch!


I'm getting VERY excited. Next week I'm going to New York City for a couple days. We leave Monday night, and fly back Thursday night. The Big One will be at overnight sports camp, and the Little One will be at her Grandma's house. Don't have a lot of plans for Tuesday yet, but Wednesday afternoon we're going to Avenue Q, and Wednesday night we're going to Wicked. I'm SO excited - I've never been to NYC before... and I'm a musical junkie. Seeing Broadway musicals is SO amazing. (We're also staying within walking distance of both shows!) My husband planned the trip as a surprise - isn't he awesome!

Off for now! Gotta knit more Ribby Raglan! Bye!