Monday, June 14, 2004


Answering some questions:

The duck booties are from Zoe Mellor's 50 Baby Booties to Knit. Very cute book.

The color of Kersti I'm making the Raglan Body Hugger from is K624x (the other Kersti is K117).

I want to state that I hate the Blogger comments. I'm either going to have to find a different template that I can figure out how to add my old commenting service into, or I'm moving to typepad. Granted, since I already pay for the hosting here, it seems a bit silly to move elsewhere - but I wouldn't be paying for commenting then either.

Knitting Update

I'm almost hald-way done with the Kersti blanket - finished the second skein of yarn. (just imaging the below picture with a few more rows on it). I also knit some on the bag (ditto). Nothing terribly worthy of having pics taken.

I'm itching to start the Raglan. Or Charlotte...

The weekend here was beautiful. My DH and I put the kids in the back of the convertible and hit the town. Saturday (after a brief stop at the mall - why do I end up at the mall on beautiful days?) we went down to Como Zoo. Its a great place to wander and see animals - and its free! What more could you want! There are also carnival rides there, so the kids had to go on a couple. Both of them are bigger thrill seekers than I ever was.... fortuanely I now have the 10 yr. old to take the 2 yr old on things as they get older!

Sunday we wandered around downtown St. Paul and looked at the Snoopy Statues. St. Paul has had 4 other tributes to Charles Schultz over the last years, and this one is the last. They are wonderful to look at - lots of fun.

All this enjoying the outdoors cut into my knitting time... and doesn't make me want to settle in to work this morning... :-) Ah, well.