Thursday, June 10, 2004


I feel old today.

I'm not, mind you (33 is by no stretch old) - but I just realized how long I've been hanging around this internet thing...

I read Marilyn's page today. On there, she mentions joining the big KnitList in 1996. I did some math, and I know I joined it when we moved to CA - possibly before, when we lived in Seattle. We moved to CA in 1995. I remember when Marylin created her first Knitting Curmudgeon site... I never posted much, didn't have anything to add - but I learned a lot. I'm pretty sure I subscribed through my AOL address at that point - I've had so many net accounts I've lost track. In fact, in tracking down some history, I found one I had forgotten about...

I did some more thinking, going back, and realized that I got my first internet account in 1992. My first college was not technologically cutting edge, and didn't have net access - execpt on a couple terminals in the basement of the math building. I switched colleges in 1992, and got my first real net access. (Zterm, anyone?) I used Lynx to navigate the web - I remember how amazing the first web pages with pictures was. And the first real browsers. Just before we were married, my husband went to work for an ISP - remember, this was 1993! It folded early 1994, but I have long held that it was just before its time... I was active on Usenet... I have the dubious honor of being part of the old "Future Disney Cabinet" - waltz-around Briar Rose - from rec.arts.disney. (I found references to that on the internet STILL. Which is how I found the email account I had forgotten ever having.) The net (usenet and MUCKs and MUDs) was a lifesaver when I was on bedrest with the Big One - who turned 10 this year.

I think I've had 9 different email addresses - addresses in heavy use, mind you. I-link in Iowa, in WA, AOL the whole time (IA through MN ), Earthlink in CA and MN, now. 3 for jobs (helps that I've worked for my current employer for 7 years) I have spent most of my married life working on computer software - which helps explain the whole longterm net thing.

I haven't been subscribed to the Knit List in years. I unsubbed back when we first moved back to MN. I resubbed a year or two later, but couldn't keep up, and had less interest in doing so. I subscribed to KnitU when it started - I haven't read an email there in months either. I keep up on the internet knit community through blogs these days - I find them much more interesting than the lists are... the lists are so full of repetition and have too many people.

So... I'm feeling kinda old today.