Tuesday, May 04, 2004

so little knitting actually doneIts been a couple busy weeks around my house.... hence the lack of posts. Last time I showed up here, I mentioned I was at a rather large Trivia Contest. After not sleeping much that weekend (which was OK, cause no-one slept much that weekend.) we came in 21st. This is both a great thing and a disappointing thing - great because last year we were 26th (and moving up is _really_ hard in the upper 30 or so teams), and disappointing because for most of the contest we had been in the teens (we had a long plateau at 17th), we were hoping to stay in the top 20. Oh, well....

Then, last week I went away from my kids for an entire week to a work conference in San Jose, CA*. Even better - went away with my husband. Granparents took care of the kids, and we not only got some good work stuff done, we had a good time being a couple instead of parents.

Knitting-wise, not much has been going on. I'm still working on the waves baby blanket, but haven't gotten a picture. Hopefully, I'll finish it by next week. I could stand to get started on the other blanket, but haven't. On the plane to California, I crocheted. Really. I decided to follow Wendy (and others) in crocheting a blanket for the Critter Knitters Knitathon in order to get better at that other common yarn craft. No pics of that, either. But its coming along nicely. I decided I like single crochet better than double or triple, though.

And, I picked up a long-neglected sock last night. Blankets are great things, but not for knitting at the Big One's orchestra concert. Since we sat in back, and couldn't see, I didn't feel bad about knitting and listening. They were pretty good for 4th and 5ht graders!

One of my bestest friends had a baby last week... and I need to figure out what to make for this child. I'm thinking of making a lacy sweater for the fall... but no pattern jumps to mind.

And, I got my Interweave Knits last night. Pretty good issue... I'm in love with the Gibson Girl sweater...

I picked up a new book, A Knitter's Template. So far, I like it. I like their approach to fit. (I'm planning on writing a fuller review later). (along with writing a review of Annie Modestit's book) (along with... ah, you get the point)

*I work in a Twin Cities-based satellite engineering office of a largish software company, based in San Jose. As does my husband. This is both a good thing and a bad thing.