Saturday, December 20, 2003

Christmas ick...Christmas stuff

I'm so not ready for Christmas.. when did you say it was? Next week? Less than 7 days... 5 you say? AAARRRGGG...

OK - I have bought some presents. I have to shop for the Big One and the Little One still - but I have my husbands present purchased... its in the mail. Hopefully it gets here on time. Granted, with the miracle of package tracking I can see it has arrived in Minneapolis, so should be here on Monday. I need to check on the status of more, and go through the boxes and see what I haven't gotten yet.

My tree is up, and has lights on it. (as of Monday) I picked out ornaments today, but didn't hang them yet. And I found my creche scene, and the stockings, and got them out. I've just been unmotivated to get ready for Christmas this year.

I refuse to further clutter my knitting with Christmas presents, yes - no deadlines for blankets. I did give the most recently finished baby present - pictures to come soon. This was a hat and bootie set. I've made great progress on the Panda sweater - I've finished the back, and am 2/3 up the first front half. The fronts are going so much faster than the back - explain that to me. Why is a right front with slightly more than 1/2 the stitches of the back getting knitted up in much less than 1/2 the time?

Yarn non-diet

I succumed to the lure of Elann lately... made my first order. (Don't ask how I resisted until now). It came. Its wonderful. I'll order more from there. I also have some yarn on order from the Threadbear guys. It took a bit for them to get to me (they are swamped), but they are very helpful. Hopefully I'll get this stuff soon!

Kids Knitting

I spent my last time in my daughter's class working with the kids and knitting. They did so well. Only a couple (out of a class of 30!) gave up. Only one or two just never could get the hang of it - the rest produced decent hunks of fabric. Now, to get these in shape that people would want to wear them, I'm going to do a bunch of work. I'm planning on adding crocheted borders, piecing stuff together, adding buttons, ribbons, and sew-on patches. I've got bag full of pieces - along with a couple complete scarfs, one from my prodigy. My prodigy finished a 5+ foot long scarf (approx 20 sts wide) in 3 weeks. And its practically perfect. Beautiful. I have a couple more that are going to be knitting for quite a while. I have a couple who had moms and grandmas help out - or do it for them. Oh, well. It still was a great experience. I'll post pics of their pieces after I have a chance to lay them out and take pictures.

Other Stuff
If anyone's reading this, and knows of a white yarn that will felt, leave me a comment, OK? The Little One is in love with Hello Kitty, so I bought her a great hat that looks like Hello Kittys head, with matching mitts. (polar fleece) Well... I'd like to make wool mittens (since I have had a heck of a time finding waterproof mittens for toddlers), and duplicate the hat in wool as well. I was thinking about felting them for added toughness, but I know white yarns have a bad rep in felting/fulling. I may just have to do some experimenting! (grin)