Monday, September 15, 2003

New KnittyNew Knitty is out! Sonnet knit-along, anyone? I _love_ this sweater. I must make it. I must dig through my stash and find some yarn to make this.

In other knitting news - I'm still working through the Panda sweater. I needed to rip out the first inch or so... I of course didn't do a gauge swatch, and the sweater was turning out a bit large. Like, instead of approx 12" across for the back, it was looking more like 18" across the back. So, I went down 2 needle sizes, and things are looking much better. However, I probably won't post a picture of it for a while, as the black yarn will not photograph well.

I've picked up a new project. My older daughter is part of a "cat club" at school - one of those impromptu clubs that 9 year olds come up with. So, I'm making her a cat hat, just a stocking hat with ears. (So, I swear I saw a pattern for one of these at one point, a bunch of kid hats with ears in a magazine. Does it ring bells with anyone?). I'm just winging it, though. I'll make a hat in a normal fashion, and short row in some pointy black ears.

I taped the Conan O'Brien special yesterday, since it was on at the same time as the Vikings game (Go Vikes!). We're watching it now. It is absolutely hilarious. Conan is probably the funniest guy on TV today. The only show that can be as funny (that I can think of) is Whose Line is it Anyway? But, I'm practically falling out of my chair laughing at this special. And, I'm going to close the blog here to pay closer attention. Later!