Tuesday, March 30, 2004

The brainstormSorry Greta! - I shouldn't leave people hanging like that. I hope you slept anyways :-)

Here's a hint -

(what is she making - knit spaghetti?)

So... My brainstorm.

I was in the shower one morning, thinking. (Some mornings I sing, some I think. This was a thinking morning) I was thinking about Wendy and Liz's . Critter Knitters Blanket-a-thon. I had played with Crochet (which I don't do well, but could use the practice), and with the idea of knitting a couple - but that was looking like a week or so time commitment for each blanket (I'm a slow knitter). I have an Ultimate Sweater Machine that I picked up cheap at Michael's a while back, and was considering pulling that out and getting it going. (Again, something I could use the practice with)

I was trying to remember how to finish the cast-on end, and thought it might be like finishing a loomed potholder.

Then it happened. Whammo. I remembered I had picked up a Magicord machine. I could make giant loops and slap together a loom with 2x4s and nails and "potholder loom" up a blanket. I ran out, picked up cheap sport weight yarn (because I thought the i-cord machine might work better with slightly lighter yarn - mine sticks slightly) and cranked out what you see above. However, because I was having too much fun with the cranking machine, the loops are big enough for a baby blanket instead....

I've got 4 colors, (the pale purple and blue from up there, and a bubblegum pink and a darker lavender) and am trying 8 loops of each. If I need more, it takes about 15 minutes to crank out a new one... We'll see if this is a brilliant idea or just CRAP! Soon though - 12 loops cranked out, only 20 to go.

Well... back to work, then cranking away tonight! Woo-hoo!!