Monday, March 29, 2004

We now pick up the narrative last Wednesday... on which I took a personal day and went on -

Yarn Shop QUESTS -

I had one thing that had to happen - the Big One's cello had to be fixed. It was an easy fix, but the music store is on the south side of the Cities, while I live in the north. Mapquest miles - 25. An hour round trip for a thirty second repair. How to not waste the trip...hmmm.... Eureka! Since the music store is further south than many of the Minneapolis yarn stores, I got directions to some stores and went on a hunt. My QUEST was sucessful - see my treasures? (1) (2)

Click to see what's inside...

First stop was Clickety Sticks. Very nice, comfy store. Set up as a knitters gathering place that also sells yarn. Its worth the hike. Not the largest inventory, but unusual yarns. In the pic above, the Pansies yarn, the Whisper and the Funny are from here - as is the basket. I was gathering yarn and the nice YSO asked if I needed a basket to carry stuff in... and the basket came home too...

The Furry is yarn for a specific project... I'm making a modification to the Panda sweater. My sister fell in love with it and wanted a sweater. Well... that would have taken a year to make, not to mention the yarn isn't exactly cheap. We compromised. Turns out she really wanted the hood. I'm making a hooded scarf, white hood, black scarf (well... since she wants panda claws on it, it may turn out to be more like a shrug with mitts) and black ears. the Furry yarn looks EXACTLY like the Mustachio yarn I found through Great Yarns. It doesn't seem like the colors are going to be obviously different, either, so I'll be able to add in the leftovers from the Panda sweater!!

Then, I hopped over to Depth of Field. This is a huge store. I knew it was one of those deeply regarded stores in the area, but... sigh... I don't really like to drive, so until my QUEST, hadn't gotten over there. Lots of people there, lots of yarn. The Toasty Toes are from there. Since I didn't have a project to buy for, all I got was that...

This doesn't quite count as part of my QUEST, but I had had yarn come in at The Yarnery - that's the Sierra. Pretty!! That'll be a sweater. I had originally bought it for the Athena,11 pattern in the new Adrienne Vittadini book, but I think it will end up to be a different sweater. Possibly Dianna, 9. I might try to pick up the Athena yarn to make the sweater. I decided that the smooth yarn was just not going to work...

Phew. That was just Wednesday.

Thursday and Friday I worked more on the circular baby blanket. (Look at the old pic, and add half again as much edging.) I'm hoping to finish this by Thursday, since my cousin is brining her baby to MN this weekend, and it can be delivered then! And, I continued work on the last ducky slipper. And, found the missing third finished slipper.

On Sunday, I found this wonderful thing at the local Caribou Coffee.

Isn't it the cutest bouncy sheep! On a pencil, even.

Since this is getting REALLY long... I'll save my brainstorm of a blanket idea until tomorrow... nyah, nyah! :-)

(1) Now, understand that the Twin Cities is an area abundantly blessed with yarn stores. I have frequented 3 - Sheepy Yarn Shoppe in White Bear Lake, (10 miles away from my house) the Yarnery (16) in St. Paul and Three Kittens Yarn Shoppe in St. Paul. (20). However, I had not been to Clickety Sticks and Yarn (19) or Depth of Field (15 miles). Not because they are further away (not the case, as the milages show) but because Im less familiar with Minneapolis and hadn't gone hunting yet.

(2) Yes... I've fallen victim to the footnoting craze amongst bloggers...sigh....