Wednesday, June 09, 2004


Stop me... stop me now. I keep buying yarn.

Last Wednesday the Big One was sick with Pink Eye. Took her to the doctor, got the eye drops - doctor said she could go back to school. Well... after-school care didn't want her until she had had medicine for 24 hours, so we hung out for the day. Took her to get b-day present for the party she went to on Friday - her friend is a knitter too, so we got this CUTE basket filled with yarn, a pair of needles, and a crochet hook at the toy store. It is a great gift! Then, we wandered down to the yarn store 'cause I had to buy more yarn for the second big duck foot. And, I bought some yarn to make a purse - I'll take pics tomorrow. And, she bought some Trendsetter (x) to make a garter stitch scarf. My 10 year old... she makes me so proud :-)

On top of this yarn, I saw that Wendy was knitting with Noro silk ribbon... I've been looking for good ribbon to go with the Pansies yarn I bought a while back, so I picked up some in purple... I think it'll work. I need to look closer in the daylight.

In addition to this, I got more Kersti - 10 skeins for a project yet to be determined, and a bunch to make a sweater from the Purl Stitch - and a kit for Charlotte!! Finally... I keep missing colorways by minutes. I did forget to have Rob send me a pattern, so I can't start yet. Soon, hopefully...

This is a lot of yarn in a week. I need to stop.

I did finish the first big duck foot - sent it over for my sis to try on, and it fits. I'll start the next one soonish.

I've finished the first skein of the Kersti baby blanket. I'm still LOVING it. And, I've got the first little duck foot all knit, just finishing left to do.

The Big One is out of school now - had her Piano recital on Sunday - it was wonderful. She has a good lyric sense... its come along quite well in the last year. She was playing music instead of just playing the notes. I was so proud. And, she looked beautiful!

Now.. things I have pics of...

On Saturday we saw KITTENS. I love kittens - I love cats, too, but kittens hold a special place in my heart. These kittens are at my friend D_'s house. D_ volunteers with Feline Rescue, and houses cats until they can get adopted. Granted, some 9 of them have stayed... she has 11 cats in permanent residence now. So, the Mama Cat, Greta, was a barn cat that got pregnant, and somehow got to Feline Rescue. The kittens are about 6 weeks old now, born at D_'s house. There are 5... here are 3 of them. There's another orange cat, and a white one....

The mama cat is SO calm and friendly. A bit ragged, but a sweet cat.

Adorable kittens... the Big One was ready to take the black one home. However, no more cats. Really. I mean it - 2 is tricky enough to clean up after.

And, my rosebush is blooming! Finally! You see, I picked up a mini rose tree, planted it right in front of my porch where in the original landscape plan called for a decorative tree. (I nixed the tree - it would have grown to be 6-8 feet tall, and blocked the view from my front porch.) When we picked it out, it had a set of buds that were almost ready to pop. Well... those broke off in the transport to the house. Then, another bud got to the ready-to-pop-point... when it was broken off in a storm. (MN has had its usual volitile weather this spring). So, finally getting a flower to bud is pretty darn cool. It looks like this:

Hopefully tomorrow will be a sunnier day than today, and I can get some pics of the works underway. ...and the purchases...