Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Some quick pics, and quick updates.Knitting Updates

While I've been knitting, baby blankets don't show much progress... so I'm going to post the pics I took LAST MONDAY, and pretend they're from this week... (shhhh... don't tell me I didnt' post for a week and a half....)

Waves Blanket:

I'm significantly farther on this - The top blue is now about half the size of the bottom blue stripe. I'm trying to get this one done this week... so I can get farther on this:

I have absolutely fallen in love with this yarn in these colors. This is Koigu Kersti... and the colorway is amazing!!!!!! Its getting kinda tempting to get other yarn for this blanket, and make a top for me from this... bad Melissa...no....

I'm trying to get these done, along with a couple more pairs of Duck Feet.... so I can join the Charlotte Along! I sent off a request for a colorway to the Boys (Posies... so pretty). Hopefully its still available!

And - I have to pick up a copy of Middlemarch, so I can read it just like Greta

General Info

I forgot to mention (oops) that I had won a GREAT prize from Knitti-Me... some wonderful PURPLE yarn. (see her April 25th entry) I have no idea what to make from it yet... but its Wonderful. I freely admit I won it due to Google. (Google is a great tool.) Granted, I also needed her hint. (See her HINT at the bottom of the April 23rd entry). I looked on her FO page, and saw a oblique reference to Star Trek ( I'm a Knitter, not a Seamstress)... and I'm a Star Trek geek. Granted, I'm a heretical Star Trek geek - as I prefer TNG to TOS, and really liked DS9. But there is lovely purple yarn to be knittted... someday....

Thank you again, Knitti-Me!!


Yes, I gardened. Just a little - I planted windowboxes on my porch... See?

And a closer shot:

I did four of these, and planted a rose tree, and a real tree over the weekend. Now I still need to replace 5 rosebushes around the bottom of the tree (those died last year...) and I'll have a pretty front of my house!

Off to knit more!