Friday, June 18, 2004


I got my comments back working... now if I can only figure out why my sidebar is showing up at the bottom of my posts... It not the buttons in the sidebar, because when I switch to a new template it does the SAME THING! It wasn't doing this last week... GRRRR

In other news, I'm down to 73 more rows on the blanket. As I seem to get through 4-6 rows a night, I should get done with it just in time to start the Kersti sweater the beginning of July. Fortunately, I've already done a HUGE swatch :-)

I'm starting to not like the purse I'm also working on... (see pic below). I think its turning out too pink. I'm just not a pink person... I may have to dig up other yarn from my stash to try.

This weekend I'm going to go back to my hometown to see my Mom play Aunt Eller in "Oklahoma!". Should be fun - she's a very good actress, and the director is good as well - there's a very healthy community theater group in my hometown. I grew up on stage - I was in my first play when I was 3. Added bonus - we'll be there for Father's Day as well. Not that I wouldn't see him anyway - he drives up Sunday nights to live with my family for the week, but my youngest sister will be there, and my mom. Nice family gathering.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Hug your dad - in person if you can, in spirit if you can't.