Tuesday, June 15, 2004


Couple links that I wanted to share:

The Minnesota Zoo has baby Tigers! They are soooo cute - watching them has become my new desktop distratction. If you want to watch them too, click here. (The high bandwith link requires Real player, the lower bandwith is a Java applet that reloads every 30 seconds. The high bandwith one is better :-) )

Since the whole book thing is passing around the blogosphere, I thought I'd post this link to Project Apollonia. (You can read the blog about it here)The link comes from Bookslut (not a knitting blog - a book blog), and is set up to send English books to Costa Rican children. They've even set up an Amazon Wishlist. But, if any of you are following Pioneer Melissa and Stephanie's lead and destashing your house, or just know you have good-condition used kids books, or want to send new - they are sending books at the beginning of July.

And, in knitting... well - I've got the purse body done, and have 4 more rows on the first half of the Kersti Blanket. I started skein 3 a couple rows back, so I'll probably just start skein 5 as I wrap up the blanket. I'll have to come up with something to do with 2.5 skeins of Kersti - I could probabaly send it back, but its SO pretty I want to keep it! Maybe a nice scarf? Hat? Hmmm....

I'm going to be looking into Typepad. My DH is going away for a week the end of June, so I might do a changeover then. I can't deal with Blogger comments, and if I'm going to put a bunch of work into getting a template set up, I might as well look into a Typead one. I think Blogger's policy of requiring you to register before being able to put your name on a comment SUCKS! I've been getting a lot of anonmous comments the last few days. I also like to be able to send commenters private emails, which I can't do anymore either. Unless you leave your email in the comment. For now, please sign your name and if you want me to answer a question in email instead of a following post, put your email in their as well (please de-spam it one way or another. I'll figure it out...) Thanks!