Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Great Knitting Weekend

I had a great knitting weekend - I got through another skein of Kersti on the baby blanket - see!

However, I am still bugged by the first skein change. Can anyone else see it?

On our trip to my hometown, I got a bunch of knitting done - both in the car and while playing Trivial Pursuit (at which I beat everyone :-) )
Saturday night we saw my mom play Aunt Eller in Oklahoma. She did a great job, as usual. It was nice to see my family. I retrieved the first Adult Duck Foot from my sister so I could note down how many stitches I picked up for the ankle, and so I could get the orange mattress stitch on the toes.

This week my older daughter had a great knitting week. Look what she cranked out in 2 days flat!

She's been on a bus for 30 - 45 minutes morning and noon this week - along with field trips today and yesterday that increased the bus time. I'm so proud of my knitter!

In non-knitting news....
Today was an interesting day. The summer school thing my older daughter is going to has a computer class as one of its sections. That class came to the office today. We showed the kids a bit about what software development is like. This is the 3rd year we've done this, we get better each time. 9-11 year olds are an interesting breed. I run a station that lets them mess with their faces in software - we take pictures of them as they come in, and then we let them loose in the Photoshop Liquefy filter. They have a great time. Another station consists of the kids helping take apart and rebuild a PC, one station talks about the Software Dev. process, and one walks the kids through some basic sorting algorithms. The last (new this year) was a short talk about the history of our company. Its great good fun.