Monday, May 16, 2005


I'm so happy...I was RAOK'd!

I came home on Friday, looking toward a busy weekend... and in my mail were these ADORABLE stitch markers. And candy. Thank you Sallee!

I love them. I especially like the amber colored one with the cool silver wrapping on it.

The weekend did go well. My sister graduated - got her diploma and everything. I'm so proud. It was disappointing to have had the ceremony moved inside because of weather, both because outside is nicer and the reception for the graduates was cancelled because of the change. We had a very nice dinner (at Kozlak's) afterwards, though.


I also have a finished object - the Panda Shrug for the aforementioned sister is also completed.

It turned out nicely. Its my own design, made from Moustachio yarn (just like the panda sweater from last year). There are 2 more pieces left to put together - finger covers for winter. As you can tell, she likes it.


So. I'm thinking of dropping in on the Minnesota Knitting Guild meeting tomorrow night. I went to one meeting almost 8 years ago, and never made it back*. However - I don't know anyone there. So I'll be dropping in blind... which is scary. (Full Disclosure - I'm posting this partially in hope that another MN Guild person reads it and is willing to meet me there). So. I guess I'm not looking for advice, but reassurance that this isn't as scary as I think it will be. The more I think about it, the less likely I am to go.... ack. The more I think about posting this paragraph the less comfortable I am doing it - if it dissapears later, I became too uncomfortable with it.

*(Various reasons that have nothing to do with the members of the guild.)