Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I'm Melissa, and this is my knitting (and stuff) blog.

Since I've barely posted for months, I think its time for a do-over.

I'm a knitter. (OK. I'm a bunch of things, but I'm trying to focus here....)

I've been knitting for almost 12 years now, since my firstborn was a baby. I finished my first project about 10 years ago (it was my 10th or so _started_ project, which tells you a lot about what kind of knitter I am...)

I have 2 darling children, 12 and 4. (Scroll down for the 4 year old.) The 12 year old is also a knitter, and will pop up often with finished objects to show.

I am happily married to a wonderful guy.

That Guy and I work together at Adobe Systems, on this little project...

I _have_ been knitting lately. I finished the second Birch shawl (just like the first, but purple), and gifted it. It went over very well! I can hardly wait for the stained glass-return trade. (since it was so identical, I didn't take a picture...)

Now I am knitting Birch Shawl 3 for my sister. This one's a wedding shawl - and I'm in a bit of a rush. Wedding is May 14th. I've finished 2 repeats to date.*

I am also working out a pattern for tesselated kitties like the tesselated fish. (the fish blanket is my big-comment post to date. I really wish I could share the pattern with everyone who has requested it, but copyright...)

My daughter is really amazing these days, though. Look at this adorable panda she knit:

*Actually, I've done 3. But one got ripped out, because the yarn was not going to work with her wedding dress. I re-bought yarn, and have restarted...)