Tuesday, August 10, 2004

My Knitting Kid

My oldest has caught the Kersti bug.

This morning I came upon her starting a pair of baby booties for her day care teacher. Now... we hadn't yet talked about small things like gauge - so she had just pulled out some (horrendous acryllic) yarn and size 8 needles and was knitting away. At that rate, those baby booties were going to be approximately 5 year old size. Also, she hasn't ever picked up stitches on a knit piece, so it wasn't a good "take to day care where mom can't explain things" project.

In swoops Mom. We picked out a simpler bootie pattern - page 51 of 50 Baby Booties to Knit. (I forget what they're called). I noticed that the gauge was 22 sts/4 inches. Why, that's the Kersti gauge! I pulled out a leftover skein from the Kersti Blanket I made last month. She knit the first row and was singing its praises already! She had one slipper done - but had cast on the second flap on the wrong side, so had to re-knit the last few rows. All done with the first She will have to learn to sew up her knitting, but that won't be too difficult for her. I'm so proud. I can't understand how she can

I'm thinking of making a baby hat that matches - either like Simple Knits for Cherished Babies or Stitch n' Bitch. That shouldn't take long.

Not getting much knitting done tonight - I'm catching cold and feeling right icky. My colds almost always follow a standard pattern. I get a sore throat, then feel the beginning of my congestion - I'm not stuffy, but my head starts feeling stuffed with cotton. In a couple days, the congestion will hit, and my throat will stop hurting. Then I'll be fine. I might be home sleeping tomorrow...