Tuesday, September 07, 2004

I had a wonderful, wonderful weekend.

Friday night my mom came up - my little sister is starting her senior year at college (changed that from "last year at college", 'cause even higher education might be in store...), and my mom brought her and her stuff up. On Saturday, my parents went to the Fair, and my husband and I took the kids to Sesame Street Live. Again, yes. Its fun! And free! (and done, now) The little one got to see her best friend - the 2 yr old daugher of one of my bestest ever friends.

Then, life got REALLY good.

My parents took the kids to their house for the weekend.

Troy and I went to a nice dinner (mmmm... Filet Oscar) (double-mmmm.... crab and artichoke dip). And to the Sarah McLauchlin concert. Butterfly Boucher opened. I tried to buy one of her CD's at intermission, but they had sold out. I rather liked her music, and will pick up her CD one of these days. And, Sarah was magnificent. The only annoying part of the concert was the 2 people sitting in front of me. The women (girls) were in their early 20's, and came in rather tipsy. And then proceeded to talk. Loudly. Non-stop. The woman sitting next to them had a couple words to say, at which point they were quieter. (not that they stopped talking, but just started talking more quietly into each others ear.) I had the distinct desire to bonk their heads together. Which was only exacerbated by the blond... she started calling people on her cell phone. I mean really.

Sunday I slept in. Such a beautiful feeling - sleeping in without feeling guilty about it. We went to the Twins game (they lost badly), where I knit some on this:

I'm seeing the parents and baby this is for on Saturday. Looks likely to be finished by then, huh? Hee! This is made with 2 strands of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted held together - one in Rainbow (possilby now called Lorikeet) and one in the Pond Blue solid. I'm knitting it on some largish needles (oh... say 6.5mm). Then, I've modified the Stitch n Bitch Big Bad Blanket to make a 3x3 grid, and deal with the extreme upping of gauge. (Not having the blanket handy, I think I cast on 100 sts. 30 for each square, and another 5 for each side of moss stitch) Its warm, soft ,squishy and washable. What more can you ask for?

After baseball, we went and played Pub Triva at a St. Paul bar. We won - due to our superior knowledge of South American countries. (chortle... more like our kick-ass guessing ability and trend spotting acuity).

(So, if you haven't guessed yet - we packed in a LOT to our no-kids-weekend...)

Late Sunday, covered in glory, we went to a movie. Hero is a wonderful movie. Just beautiful. Its much of a muchness with Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, but in my opinion, has a better, clearer story.

I've been slipping in more knitting here and there, but will save that for another post!