Friday, December 31, 2004

Happy New YearHappy New Year!

Taking a quick break from cleaning for my New Year's Eve party (small, kids invited. We'll watch the ball drop at 11, and I expect the party to wind down quickly afterwards.) Still, cleaning and a bit of cooking must be done. Menu is spinach dip, chocolate fondue (with pears, apples, bananas, and angel food cake for dipping), and the usual veggies, cheese and crackers, nuts, etc. Just a simple party. (I keep telling myself that).

It will be nice, after reeling from the reports of the tsunami destruction to spend time with good friends. Please give!

I've been fascinated by this page - Amazon Tsunami Relief donations. It was set up on the 28th - hit 1 million around 6am on the 29th, 2 million that same day... Yesterday afternoon it was up to 5.5 million, and as I write this its at 9.3 million. Refreshing the page reminds me how, while I can be unhappy with trends in American life these days, I can still be proud to be part of this generous group. (OK... not all the donations are from the US, probably - but with donations going to the American Red Cross, I'd expect most of them to be). Anyways, just wonderful to refresh the page and see the donations rise.

May all of you have a happy and safe New Year!