Tuesday, December 14, 2004

EDIT - somehow this didn't post on Tuesday. And, somehow I've screwed up my comments. And, I was feeling all bad for myself that I wasn't getting any - show's me. END EDIT.

So, this is my bitch-and-moan, not very charitable/Christmasy feeling post. Fair warning.

Last night I went to the Barenaked Ladies Christmas concert. Wonderful concert - I love their music. They have a wicked sense of humor, and I'm a sucker for puns. We had great seats, and we brought the Big One (who also had a great time). BNL has a new Christmas CD out - well worth the price. (I hadn't listened to it before the concert, but have now)

The concert was very good - BNL played well (no surprise there). I was surprised that the "opening act" was a local jr. high choir - Shakopee. They were excellent, did a couple pieces on their own, then sang with BNL on a few songs. BNL sang new songs, and old favorites. The only song I missed was the "Postcards with Chimpanzees" song from last fall... which is pretty good. I had a wonderful time.


Behind us. 3 women. I think they had already had a couple before coming in. And, they came in carrying another drink each. Good Lord, did they have loud voices... they didn't shut up while the kids choir sang. When BNL came out, they still didn't stop talking. (Loudly - I think the people in the row ahead of us could hear them). I was gifted with the information that one of the women thinks "the one in the tan shirt and glasses is the cutest one - isn't that ridiculous". After they talked through the second BNL song, the people behind them rather forcefully told them to shut up and listen to the music. For some reason, the women thought that the people around them should "just ignore them"... This escalated a bit, until I was surprised that a fight didn't break out. One of the nice people in the row behind me went out and called in security. The nice security guys stood in the aisle for a while. This shut them up for a while.

As the concert went on, they stayed mostly quiet. Then, they spilled on my coat about 2 songs from the end... they apologized, but, boy, did they hightail it out of the theater when the show was done. The people around us sympathized - we thanked the woman who called security, and we left.


Why don't people have basic courtesy for others at concerts like this? Its not like the tickets were cheap. We weren't in their living room. Then, when asked to be quiet, they almost took it as an insult - their neighbor's fault for not being able to ignore them. I HATE THIS. Those who regularly read my blog may remember a similar issue at a Sarah McLauglin concert (see 9/7/2004). I'm ready to make a deal out of this (remember, I'm a Minnesotan of Norweigan descent. We don't make issues of things )

Done ranting. Thanks for listening.