Tuesday, November 09, 2004

What have I done for the last week...plus... ack.

Well. On Oct. 29th and 30th I made a Halloween costume. Whenever I do this, I underestimate how much time even a simple project will take. My older daughter wanted to be a cat. This is a simple costume - nothing like the Harlot put together. But, the fine pile velvet-like material was time consuming to lay out and cut. And difficult to sew. 3 hours for the cutting, 6 hours for the sewing. And I do know what I'm doing - but my sewing machine needs a tune-up... it keeps screwing up the tension. It did turn out very cute - see?

The Little One was Spiderman - and very adorable.

And, Halloween morning my choir sang. Now - not a choir I'm singing in. My choir that I'm directing. I've never directed a choir before, and I'm having a great time. I've got a group of 11 3rd and 4th grade girls from a afterschool program at my church every Tuesday. They are enthusiastic and did a great job.

This last weekend was a milestone in the Little One's life - she moved from her crib to a toddler bed. Painless transition - she loves being able to climb in and out of the bed! We're still potty training - its going well at daycare, but she is resisting using the bathroom at home. Ah, well. Patience - right?

On the knitting front - I'm on the first set of long rows on my Lara. 40ish out of 52 rows... very boring. But the yarn is yummy to work with - the only consolation.

While the Vikings LOST tonight, I finished the front of my Kersti Ribby Raglan. Finally. Sleeves, here I come. I might have this done before there is snow on the ground. (Not before it snows.... it snowed a bit here tonight. You don't want to hear my reaction.)

I haven't yet started my Rogue. Sniff. And, I may have to rearrange my knitting - its getting onto Christmas, and I was planning on making a sweater for my good friends little baby girl. And, my mom requested a Charlotte Poncho. Which is not all bad - I have to buy more Koigu KPPPM, then! But, its looking like I won't get Rogue started until close to Christmas. Ah, well.

Oh. And my boss's wife is having a baby, so a baby present is on the list. Nope, not starting Rogue until Christmas.