Friday, October 08, 2004

Here we go - the stars aligned for a photo shoot this morning.

Not the best picture of me, but a nice picture of the poncho (sorry for the smirk :-) )

Other stuff

Lara is progressing apace - I'm almost done with my first ball of yarn. I should get a good shot at more knitting tonight with the Twins game on. (Go Twins!)

I picked up Knit Wit at the bookstore yesterday. Very nice book! I like the patterns - even if I can get a decent chunk from Knitty, I know a couple are sized further and such than were on the site. The layout is interesting... while difficult to page through, it should be very nice for knitting from. However, I have a tendancy to make copies and carry them with my project, so I'm not sure how practical this layout will end up being - but a cute gimmick, if nothing else.

Next week blogging will be limited if exisitant at all - I'm heading off to Maine Sunday night to attend a photography workshop centered on taking pictures of Fall Foliage. I'm greatly looking forward to it. I'm printing out a small number of pictures to take with as a portfolio today. But, as I don't know the state of internet access at the hotel, nor do I think I'll have a ton of free time (2 sunrise shoots... not good for this non-morning person)

And, Lara and Kersti are coming with, of course.

Soooo... I'll either pop in during the week with great stories of the Maine Foliage, or I'll be back next week!