Wednesday, September 22, 2004

39 Ducks

No knitting content today - I've had my boss and my boss's boss in town for the last couple days, and we've had a bunch of meetings. On top of that, we've had 2 group dinners. Then, there was a LONG LONG meeting last night about an after-school church program for Sabrina... While I love the amount of detail (they even told us the same things 3 times... arent' they nice), I do rather object to a 2 hour meeting. Even if they fed us afterwards.

One of the good things is that I _may_ be directing the group's choir. The program is for 3-5th grades, one day a week, with a gym/craft time, a worship arts time, a bible study time and a dinner and table games time. During the worship arts time, they split into 4 groups: bell choir, vocal choir, interpretive reading/theater time and a behind-the-scenes time. If the choir thing doesn't work out - one of my choir friends directed it last year, and she may want to do it again - I will work with the theater group. I'm so excited!! So is Sabrina. She didn't participate last year, because the program starts at 4... which means I would leave work at 3, pick her up, twiddle for a half hour, then take her there. Then return to work, or go home, or whatever. I have a problem doing that once a week. However, this year a friend of hers is joining, and her mom is willing to get Sabrina from school and get her there. I can leave work for the day at 4:50 one day a week, and be there for the choir time at 5:15. That, I can do. (Work hours are flexible... but not that flexible)

But, with all that, I've barely knit for days. And, tonight is choir... so little knitting tonight as well. (I was so tired last night... we started watching the Star Wars DVD's and I fell asleep right after the Death Star blew up Alderaan... and woke up to Luke bursting into Leia's cell.)


Aren't these guys cute?

They are my new ducks from Nathania. I'm just head-over-heels about the Jester ducky...the picture doesn't show it very well... but the wing on the painted-eye side also has a star painted on it. ... The chef is pretty darn cute as well. They have taken pride of place in the great duck collection in my office. 37. Oops - there's a couple new ones at home also. 39.