Friday, September 10, 2004

New KNITTY!!Wow!
I love it! The new Knitty is great! I'm going to be pondering Jenna's article on making sleeves fit for a while. Partially because I can tell at a quick scan that its a great article - and partially because its pages of wonderful material...

Anyone for a Blaze knitalong? I love it!! Here I was, almost jumping on a Klaralund bandwagon. And, still planning on joining the Lara-along in October. But, this pattern just calls to me. (The orange doesn't, but the neckline... yum)

In other news, I've finished the knitting of the baby blanket. I wove in ends this morning, will be blocking it tonight, taking pictures in the morning and gifiting it tomorrow afternoon. But I finished it on time!!!

And, I have progress updates on my other 2 projects:

Kersti front is about 8 inches high


Charlotte poncho is coming along...