Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Haiku-a-longWhat a concept. A Haiku a day for a week.


Stitches breeze along
Knit one, make one, slip slip knit
Makes Charlotte poncho


As you can tell, the Charlotte poncho is moving along. A weekend with football does that - time to sit and knit. And, the Vikings won! Whoo-Hoo!

Blaze -

I forgot to set a start date for the Blaze knitalong - I'm thinking Oct. 15th would be a good time. That gives me a month to get my 2 other projects done...Poor Kersti, she's feeling abandoned.

(ahhhh... This would be the time to mention that the top of this post was written on Tuesday, and the bottom here on Wednesday. Because I succeeded in ignoring my computer for a long stretch of time last night and knit instead.)

Promised pictures!

Finished the baby blanket, and gave it to the baby at the Trivia Planning meeting. Baby liked it, Mom liked it, Dad liked it. (much was made out of the sheer beauty of it.

*background - for the last couple years, I've been playing on a trivia team that participates in a couple large Trivia contests - first and foremost, the Stevens Point World Largest Triva Contest. We often do a second contest, for the last couple years that's been a trivia contest out of St. Cloud. (here's last year's page). I play with a team called Freshly Squeezed. Playing Trivia involves less actual Trivia knowledge, and more research ability. While I have a good grasp of trivia (ask me about my appearance on Jepoardy! sometime), I am much more valued as someone who can knock random answers out of Google. We sleep little for a weekend, and we have a great time. For the first couple years I played as part of the remote team - we chat over IRC, and the contest is webcast. Its a ton of fun. Especially the wackiness we get into after being up for 15 hours...

So. As you might imagine, doing well in a contest called "world's largest" might take some prep time. Boy do we do prep time. The team takes notes on movies, TV shows, commercials, etc. We buy books. We write software. Last weekend was our fall kickoff meeting - a bunch of us got together to figure out a plan. Planning is crucial. The Trivia answers (higher points, esp) often come out of notes we've taken - things we can't find on the internet.

While I have more to babble about, I'm going to sign off now so I have more to say tomorrow... what a concept!