Thursday, September 16, 2004

Not muchDaughter number one
Awesomely creative kid
I'm so proud of her

Haven't done much knitting to show off. Progress on Kersti. Progress on Charlotte. But, no pics. I haven't made progress on my Blaze swatch. So, instead of talking about my knitting, I'm going to talk about my daughter instead.

(Other than my daughter's distressing tendancy toward teenagerdom. At 10. (sigh).)

But, back to knitting. She made this:

She was home sick on Monday and made the doll. Monday night she stuffed it. Tuesday morning she was adding hair. Tuesday afternoon she started a second one for a friend, which was finished today. She made the dress herself. Now she's knitting a shirt for her doll. And, a third doll. And, she wants to use Fun Fur to make a Cat costume for the doll for Halloween. She knits about as often as I do. And, she's gotten a bunch of the other kids at daycare knitting as well.

The coolest thing, though, is the note she got from one of the other daycare parents yesterday. Evidently, Sabrina inspired this mom to pick up Crochet. Not only that, but this mom finished a baby blanket for the daycare teacher who just had a baby (the same one Sabrina made the baby booties for a few weeks back). As a thank you she gave Sabrina a crochet hook and a pattern booklet - and the nicest note citing Sabrina as her inspiration. Isn't that just AWESOME? I'm willing to put up with a bit of smart alec child to have that.