Friday, October 01, 2004


I bought yarn to make Lara. Alpaca silk is gorgeous... however, I didn't get enough. Only 17 balls. The store's entire stock of color 5 - a lovely, soft teal green.

I sent off email to the Lara-along list asking for advice - whether I should play is risky and hope the yardage estimate is off, or return it/exchange it for another color. Then, I'd have to decide - and drive back, not a short drive. I'm still not sure whether I should just return it and order new from them (could be quite a wait...), exchange it for another color - when I rather like this green, or return it and order more from elsewhere (potentially embarrassing.)

And, I was hoping to swatch it imminently. Piffle.

The rest of the week has been spent finishing my Poncho - only 5 rows left. (long rows, but only 5).

I was first excited by my secret pal's comment - I love hearing from her, and having presents from someone who grows Lavendar is pretty cool. But, then I was bummed - she hasn't gotten anything from her secret pal. She's sent me such lovely things, and hasn't received anything. What a bummer... I frown on her Secret Pal. Frown hugely.

Thanks to all of you with your encouragement on the colors on my Poncho. I'm feeling better - a few more rounds of the red color make me feel better. Its not as pink as I'd feared.

Not much else up today. No pics - nothing has really changed. Hopefully I'll finish the poncho soon - then I'll have something to photograph!