Monday, October 04, 2004

Such a good weekend. Even a good Monday!

Saturday was spent doing family things - the Big One got her hair cut (and it looks so cute!) and we ran other errands. But Sunday was the weekend day with huge knit content!

Sunday after church and lunch we headed down to Needlework Unlimited - the LYS I had bought the ill-fated 17 balls of Alpaca Silk. I decided to return the pretty green, and get another color - likely black if they had enough. However, as I walked into the store and up to the counter I noticed a ball of yarn sitting there. Green. Small, squat skein - in short, another ball of Alpaca Silk in the color I was missing. It had no tags or notes near it... so when the salesperson came up to help me, I pounced. The salesperson didn't think it was being held for anyone - but asked around anyways. No-one in the store knew anything about it... so I got my needed 18th ball! I figured that after I had called looking for another ball on Friday someone had found one and set it aside to wait for me. I was SO happy I was bouncing! (really). And, I bought more stuff... some yarn for the Big One, some stuff for my secret pal. (Hee!)

After the joyous union with the needed 18th ball of yarn, we headed for the Twin Cities knit-out - thanks to Tipper who wrote about it on her blog. Located in Ridgedale Mall's center court, it was fun - local stores had tables with cool things - including Needlework Unlimited. I mentioned to the woman working the table (definitely an employee of NU - they have distinctive nametags) that I had just been in their store - she said yes, last week. I said yes, but also about a half hour before... and that I had amazingly enough found the last skein of yarn I had been looking for, sitting as if it was in wait for me. In an enormous coincidence it was the woman I had talked to on Friday - and someone had returned that skein of yarn, and she had put it aside for me hoping I would call back. I was effusive in my thanks - that ball had truly been waiting for me!

So - this means I must be meant to start Lara right now. Fortuantely, I can since I finished the Charlotte Poncho today! Hee Hee! Its beautiful. I have come to grips with the red, and the bright blue. Blocking did help - thanks everyone for your encouraging comments!!! I blocked it out last night - but my camera was out of battery this morning so no pics yet. I finished the neckline this evening while watching football. I'm wearing it right now -

But - back to the Knit Out story. My darling husband took the Little One around the mall for distraction while the Big One and I chatted and did some knitting - OK, she knitted, I was crocheting on the border to my poncho. We signed up for the drawing, and watched the fashion show. (very nice work shown off). I was almost convinced to come to some guild meetings.* My DH came back, and the Little One decided she had to use the bathroom** so DH, LO and I went to find a bathroom, leaving the Big One to sit and knit. (her choice). While we were gone they held the 3pm drawing - my name was drawn - the Big One jumped up and said "That's my mom!". Immediately after, her name was drawn - she got to exclaim "That's me!!". I won 3 skeins of Soy Silk. Beautiful stuff. (Pics later), and the Big One won the "Little Box of Sweaters". She's thrilled - and has already picked out 4 patterns from the box she'd like to try and make for herself. Oh, yes. She is truly a knitter!

I had a Great Knitting Day on Sunday. Pics for proof tomorrow! I have to go find needles to swatch Lara!

*Note - when we first moved here over 7 years ago I went to a guild meeting. I was invited by a Knit-lister when I mentioned on-list I was moving to MN and asked about knitters, etc in the area. I didn't quite hit it off with the woman, and never went back. I may have to try again...

**Note2 - When you have a 2.5 year old in the midst of potty training who says she has to use the bathroom, you go right away.