Monday, November 08, 2004

I've been too depressed to post since last Tuesday.

I keep thinking of posting... but my politics keep getting in the way. And my reactions to others politics.

My (brief) thoughts - I'm a liberal. Unapologetically liberal. I am disappointed by the election. However, I do not pity those who voted for Bush, nor do I think they are idiots. I am friends with people who voted for Bush. They have just as good reasons (in their world) for voting for Bush as I have (in my world) for voting for Kerry. I am not brokenhearted for the nation - it was a close race. (Not as close as last time - but still close). We still have our republic. There was amazing voter turnout - that is the biggest plus. That more people have gotten involved - even if in the most superficial manner - can in the long run bring nothing but good.

I am not planning on moving to Canada. That would be giving up. I am not giving up.

I am planning on being more active in politics. I will from time to time possibly mention this on this blog. However, I will mostly stick to what I have been writing about - my knitting, and my life.

I have read some great postings in the last few days. I greatly admire Kerstin the Crazy Daisy. I have been (after the first posting, getting stuff out of her system) enjoyed what Teresa at Making Light has been saying. I love this post by Sheila over at her blog.

There. That's my post on politics. Its been brewing all week... and needed to get out before I can get back to the rest of my life.