Monday, October 25, 2004

Monday... already?

Wow. How'd it get to be Monday again already? How'd I get through an entire week without posting?

I've been tired this week - no idea why, just tired. OK... I've been watching a lot of baseball.

First - I told my (not so, anymore) secret pal that I'd post about this last week... but I didn't post again last week. Here is my awesome final gift:

Its a Burt's Bees hand care gift, a book light (very, very handy!), a sheep pin (very cute), a bookmark/ruler with Carpe Yarn-em on it, some yummy-smelling almond soap, and...


beautiful stitch markers. I love them! (Granted, I have to be much more careful with these than I usually am with stitch markers) and...


ADORABLE DUCKY! My secret pal tells me that he is a racing duck. I think he's just adorable, and he is sitting in pride of place in my duck collection.

Oh, who is my secret pal? Melissa from Webheads. She is absolutely awesome. Go over and give her good recovery wishes on her just-completed surgery.

On the knitting front, I got a bit farther on my Kersti Ribby, and up to the body on Lara. This knit-a-long hostess is falling behind, though - I haven't yet started my Rogue. Soon. Very soon.

One last picture - the little girl I knitted the Panda sweater for came over on Saturday, and the sweater still fits. And is adorable! Her mom (one of my best friends) says she gets lots of complements on it, and that the little one wants to wear it all the time. More praise I do not need.

(On an aside, one of my other best friends had a baby this spring. Its her second - her oldest is 7. The first time we got together after the baby was born, the baby was wrapped in the blanket I made for the first child. Which happened to be the first knitted object I had ever finished, as well as the first of a long string of baby gifts. She also gets compliments on it often...I was so impressed)