Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Ah... Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving!

Very happy.. it comes at just the right time to give me a couple days off, a nice family meal, and time to possibly catch up with life.

I've been just enough out of sorts this week that I wanted to put down what I am thankful for - mostly to remind myself.

This year I am primarily thankful for my family. I have an awesome husband and 2 great daughters. I may be especially thankful that my oldest is only 10, and not at an age where a talk like <a href="">Stephanie's</a> is necessary...

I am thankful that my parents are my parents. I am additionally thankful that my dad lives with us during the workweek - making my life much simpler. And, having an additional adult around to give the Big One that adult one-on-one time that she needs, and could be cheated out of by a demanding 2 year old.

I am thankful that my sisters are both wonderful people.

I am thankful that both of my grandmothers are still with us. I am also thankful that though my paternal grandmother is not always sure of who I am when I visit, that she seems happy in the nursing home.

I am thankful for my job. Both since I quite enjoy what I do, and that my in office time is flexible allowing me to be involved with things that happen during usual work hours.

I am thankful that I have ways of sharing gifts - by singing in church and social groups, and by directing a children's choir. That I can consider starting a math club for 5th graders at school. That Destination Imagination is starting up and I might as well say I'll team manage again... and that my (aformentioned wonderful) husband helps me stay sane when I make statements like that.

I am thankful that, though going through trying times, the United States is still a good country to live in. And that when things look scary, we have people like <a href="">Kerstin</a>, wake us up. People like <a href="">Yentala</a> and <a href="">Wendy</a> bringing bloggers together for a worthy cause, <a href="">Greta</a> reminding us of the blessings life brings, and <a href="">Rachel</a> to inspire us to try. Along with the 100 or so other blogs I read and am touched, inspired and humbled by.

I am thankful for all the opportunities I have had in my life that my grandmother's could only have dreamed of.

Ack. That got heavy.... I am thankful for so much, though! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving (you American's out there)