Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Its been a busy couple weeks. We kicked off the Christmas season with a bang. My husband's choir sang at the Augsburg Vespers. That was 4 concerts on Dec 3 and 4, along with rehearsals all week prior. Granted, he wore a tux for this event - pretty snazzy. And, it'll be on TV, at least locally. Our local public TV is showing it on Dec. 23. They are making it available to other Public TV stations as well, so if you see the Augsburg Advent Vespers on your Public TV station, watch it! It was a wonderful concert!

But, that made the week just a bit more hectic. I've switched on Tuesday from directing my choir to working with the drama kids, as I'm playing the Mom in the Christmas pageant. Last week my choir girls were somewhat distraught that I wasn't working with them - its kinda nice to be missed. I'm enjoying flexing my drama muscle, though. And, playing a harried mom is not much of a stretch!

On Dec. 5 we went to see A Year With Frog and Toad at the Children's Theater. This is a wonderful show. They premiered it last season, then took it to Broadway - a first for a MN-created show. Where it was nominated for 3 Tonys... (In part to this show bringing them to the Theater Wing's attention, the MN Children's Theater took the Regional Theater Tony last year). Its wonderful... its based on the Frog and Toad books by Arnold Lobel. His daughter drove the production, and did the set design. My husband and older daughter went last year - we only get 2 season tickets since the little one has been too little. This year we took her as well. I loved it, the little one loved it, and we have been listening to the soundtrack. (I especially love the Snail with the Mail song, and "Toad looks funny in a bathing suit")

My singing group has started our Christmas rounds of concerts at local nursing homes. 2 concerts every Wednesday from now to Christmas. Much fun!

And, I'm still working on getting my recital put together. I've got almost all of my music memorized...I find memorizing Italian somewhat difficult.

Oddly enough, I am getting some knitting done. See - I'm about half done with Lara.

The 2000 stitches that were the left front/back section took FOREVER. I'm now just starting the left front ribbing. The yarn is heavenly to work with. And I love the color.

And, I've started work on my Kersti Ribby sleeve. Not much done.

And, I've been using Kersti scraps to make a wristwarmer. Pattern from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts - a wonderful book. I'm quite impressed by it. Worth picking up - the patterns are easy without lacking style, and without the clunky look many quick-knits have.

PS. I'm feeling very lemmingly - and am working on my 100 thing list. Oh, well...