Friday, July 22, 2005

Public Service Annoucement:

Annie is organizing the knitting of a blanket in memory of Kerstin's late brother. Please help.


knitting is happening... but I'm not blogging it. It must be summer.

Quick updates:

Birch: lovely. Entering black hole phase

Fish : yes, more fish....

Baby knitting. 3 more. Knitting booties. At least one pair of duck feet.

Flower Basket shawl... slipping this one in there. I've got yarn. I've got swatch. Will be an Autumn Leaves Basket shawl.


Sabrina is at Language camp for 2 weeks, learning Norwegian. I'm going to French Language Camp at at the end of Sept.

The little one is at Grandmas - so tonight is DH and Me night - then he leaves on a Jet Plane for CA, and Sunday....

Yes, Sunday is all-to-myself day.


Oh... and my spindle wandered out, and yarn was spun. Not much. But at an amazingly constant width (for me)