Thursday, June 30, 2005


My brain is fried. 3 days of wall to wall meetings. Decisions. Technical Discussion. Boy do I need the weekend... what, you say I've still got a day left? Sigh.

(Don't get me wrong... we've had some fun. But the cumulative effects leave me with no brain.)

Into this environment jumps my Secret Pal - amazing woman! She made me laugh last night. I got a package... ripped it open and found this inside:

The card says something about (don't have it with me, so can't quote right now) noticing I was being kept busy by fish... so here were fish goodies and stuff to pamper myself with.

What was in those pretty packages? I ripped them open lickety-split to find:

Goldfish Crackers, Fish Candy, Chocolate (mmmm... chocolate with almonds), and foot spa treatments and Bath Tea, bath soap. And vanilla lip gloss :-)

Thank you Secret Pal!!!! You made my week!


Fish are done. Fish are blocked. Fish are ALMOST completely attached - only 1/2 strip to go! Then the outer edging needs to be added.

(Pics later)

So... what have I been knitting? More fish! I promised fish place-mats for my sis and her roommate (appropriately named Fish). These are Silver and Blue Fish -

2.2 / 8 Silver fish finished
0 / 8 Blue Fish finished.

And... I started Birch. I love the color I've picked - but hate its name. Its called Drab. Ick - its not drab. Its a lovely, muted green. (color 588 if you want to search and see.) No pics yet - its not interesting yet!

Have a Great Weekend!!