Monday, January 17, 2005

Just a quick update:

Had a good week in California - but had no time to post. Had a wonderful time around the Grass Valley area with my friend (and co-worker), met her alpacas (I have wool from one of them to spin up one of these days), and got sick. If you're going to get sick away from home, its much better to be sick at a friend's house than in a hotel. Sandy and her family (along with my husband and our other co-worker also) were wonderful.

It did take until Tuesday for me to feel all the way normal, but some of that was probably me being really tired as well as sick.

On Wednesday I got 2 treats - I got to wander around the Mac World Expo, basking in the glow of all that Apple hardware. I got to touch both a Mac Mini, and a iPod Shuffle. And, wandered around and played and had fun. Then, I snuck out and wandered .5 miles away to Artfibers. Yep - Artfibers. This store is SO WONDERFUL. So much wonderful yarn. So soft, so pretty. I brought home some Kyoto, and some Tryst, and some Golden Silk, and some others. (somehow, even got it all into my already-rather full suitcase... not quite sure how). Pictures to come... I met Kira, friend to Rachael. And, I had one of those "really, really small world" moments.

I had been imagining and trying to decide on which yarns were coming home with me, when a group of 3 come in. One of the ladies said (somewhat announced, but not rudely), that they had just come from MacWorld, and her sister-in-law wanted to see the store. I (feeling somewhat more social than some other times), turned and said that I had just come from MacWorld as well. The lady was very nice, we talked briefly, then she told me her sis-in-law was visiting from Minnesota, and had wanted to see 2 things - MacWorld and Artfibers. I almost fell over... and when I told her I was from MN, so did she. Not only that, but it turned out the knitter was on the same flight home I was. (just to complete the weirdness, I ended up sitting right behind her on the plane.) She doesn't blog, though. That would have been too much.

I did come home with a bunch of yarn - its waiting for me to finish either the baby sweater, or Lara, or my Kersti Ribby.

Update - Baby sweater - back is finished. 1 front is finished. Second front is up almost 3 inches.
Lara - right band is attached (I've ripped parts of Lara out twice in the last 2 weeks. Ick). I'm on the 4000 stitches to make the right front. That'll take a while)
Kersti - halfway up 1 sleeve.

Again, pics of (at least some) coming...