Monday, January 03, 2005

Looking back at 2004:

Panda Sweater
Circular Baby Blanket
Baby Bonnet
couple three pair of Duck Feet
Waves Baby Blanket
Fish Blanket (sewing up... knitting was done in 2003)
Sass Baby Blanket
Charlotte Shawl
Charlotte Poncho
Baby Hat
Mitchell Baby Blanket
Heart Hat
Cashmerino Aran Scarf

Started, yet to complete: (in no particular order)

Booga Bag
Long Neglected Toe Up socks (I was working on these last New Year's)
Adult Duck Feet
Panda Hood/Shrug
Blaze (started is a bit of a stretch... I have a partial swatch of this one.)
Kersti Ribby
Kersti Wrist Warmers
Baby Sweater

Abandonded for now.

Potholder Loom-like blanket
Liv from Viking Knits
Joanna bag

I think Blogging is good for me finishing projects. (granted, I think I said that last year). Look at all that stuff I finished! Granted, out of all that stuff, only one thing is at my house. My Charlotte - because I was a nice daughter, and gave my mom the Charlotte Poncho.

My mom asked for a Charlotte poncho. While she was in Italy, she said, she was looking for a neat poncho like mine, and couldn't find one she liked half so well. So, I let her pick out some colors. .. then thought for a while. OH, I also let her borrow my poncho for a couple days. It looked wonderful on her - the blue-green near her face made it glow, and the bright colors suited her. So, I called her and asked if she'd like to keep that one, and I could make myself another one. In purples :-) She was thrilled - and so the Charlotte Poncho is in a happy home.

As a New Year's Resolution, I'm trying to post on a regular basis- MWF. We'll see how long THAT lasts.

And, Secret Pal 4 is starting up, and a new KnitBlogger's reading club, and, and... well - I have to have something to say on Wednesday, don't I?