Monday, January 24, 2005

Recent Purchase!

Well, here is my Artfibers treasure trove!

The Kyoto and Tryst came home with complete bags of the stuff... should be enough to do something substantial with them. I have 2 skeins of Origami and 3 of Tai Chi, but only 1 of Golden Chai. However, I may be calling them to get more of the Chai yarn to make a Clapotis scarf. Maybe....

I love Kyoto. It just glows... the picture doesn't do it justice.

Knitting Progress

Here is my progress on the baby sweater. The more discerning readers amongst you may have right away noticed that I have 2 right fronts of this sweater. The rest of you can now gawk at my "amazing abilities". Impressive, right? I didn't notice until I was setting up the picture. (I guess I was more interested in that football game than I thought!) Fortunately, since I had just finished knitting, I hadn't yet cut the pice away from the rest of the skein. The second front has already been ripped back and I should have it done tonight. Then, sleeves!

A bit more has happened on Lara, but not enough to take a picture. Kersti Ribby is stalled again, mostly because I have to ball another skein of yarn, and I'm being lazy.

Mini Update

Since I got strong feedback on this gadget, I'll expound a bit more on the wondrousness that is the Mini. My husband connected the Mini up to the TV (40 inch Samsung DLP). It ran it at full resolution, and looked pretty darn good. We hooked up a Bluetooth adapter, and could run the computer from across the room with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. With a cheap miniplug to RCA adapter, we hooked up the speaker system as well (the computer has a mini-plug for audio out, or you can get a USB speaker set for audio. The internal speaker is pretty lame). Not too bad. The computer is now back on my desk where it belongs, though :-)

Question from previous post

Hollyo asked about my purse. I love my purse! I got it at a local gift shop called Bibelot. (Great store. I've gotten a bunch of cool things there). But, back to the purse. Its from Koie Products. Specifically, its the Derby purse from the Airlie collection. It is not only a great shape (I'm a big fan of the handles), its a well built purse. The purse is slightly padded, with a rubber bottom, very sturdy. The inside has a webbing pocket on one side, and a set of organizer pockets on the other. There is a PDA pocket perfect for my T|3 (removing the need for me to carry it around in a hard case). Outside has a cell-pocket (cute, but worthless for me), and a zipper pocket at an angle. Just a great purse all around.


I got the Philip Roth book for the Readalong, haven't started it yet. Nor have I gotten in gear and gotten myself added to the ring. (on my list for this week). I'm thinking up a good yarn idea for a scarf for the Red Scarf project - which I think is a great idea.

And, I had a scare the last 2 nights. The first night, I heard a boom. I explained that one away by thinking the roof had shifted in the cold, or snow had fallen in a large clump, or something. But, then last night I could have sworn I heard an animal in the attic space above my head. Freaked me out... I was convinced something had gotten in the night before. Called up my husband, he hear nothing I didn't sleep well, but also didn't hear any more noises, either. Wish me better luck tonight!