Friday, August 26, 2005

Sorry, no pics of Birch. Actually, there are pictures of me and my lovely Birch shawl, but they are stuck on the computer at home, and I didn't get more taken on vacation before we are out of range of high-speed internet.

We go computer-dim tomorrow... our only access will be (gasp) dial-up. We're heading up into the mountains to stay with a friend for the weekend, and she is practically off the grid.

But... we've had a good week so far. Except for the sick kid part. That was bad.

Our flight was slightly slow on Friday, but nothing to worry about, except Rebecca didn't get a lot of sleep Friday night. Saturday Troy and I went to Shakespeare Santa Cruz, and saw Winter's Tale with friends. Very good production - along with good snack food and wine. Lots of good wine. (snacks - I would have never thought of combining ham, cantelope, and fresh mozzarella balls with pesto. But, yummy!). This was followed by a good dinner.

Saturday night, tired Rebecca started to turn into Sick Rebecca. Sunday morning, it was complete. We left a mess in the bedding (sigh), but since she seemed better, we drove down to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Very fun place. Sunday evening was high fever, brought down easily by meds. Monday morning was more of the same, but she was fine as the day went on, and fever kept going down with meds. Monday morning we also drove from Santa Cruz to San Jose. We spent a short while Monday afternoon at the San Jose Children's Discovery Museum - Rebecca loved it.

(now, I have pictures)

Tuesday we went to The Tech. These two pictures are from an awesome system they've got there - you get a mu-chip tag, and at various stations in the museum, you can place your tag on a sensor and get a picture (and some other data) on the web after you get home. Very cool.

Here's a thermal pic of me and Rebecca

And, a picture of Sabrina at one of the coolest exhibits. The pictures displayed on the screen were generated by a computer program that interacted with your shadow cast on the screen. SO COOL!

Troy took Rebecca to the doctor on Tuesday (the same urgent care we used when we lived here, actually) while I was out with friends... she got antibiotics, and was immediately better.

Wednesday we hit CommunKnity. I love this store. Sabrina wished we lived closer so we could come more often. It was Great seeing Nathania again - she said it perfectly in her recent post, it did feel like a lifelong friend I hadn't seen in a while. While we were there, Sabrina got a gift for a friend, and yarn for a scarf for her (which she started almost immediately). I got new yarn for a Flower Basket Shawl, since I ripped out my previous attempt - the varigated yarn was overpowering the pattern. And, Rebecca had been asking for yarn and needles of her own :-)

Then, we hit the Happy Hollow Zoo. It was OK, but I'm a spoiled Zoo goer.

Today we did the tourist thing - we hit San Fran, Fishermans' Wharf and a tour on a Trolley. We had lunch at the Sea Lion Cafe (good food, Great view), and watched these guys:

We could also see the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz from the windows, and watch the charter boats depart and arrive.

Then, we hit a guided tour on a trolley. Very touristy, quite nice. And, some pics:

And, we stopped at the Golden Gate Bridge for some pics:

Whew. And, we don't fly out until Monday! We have quite a weekend planned - Jelly Belly Factory, Old Sacramento, Mine Festival, hiking, photography, fun!

Out until next week.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Thank you Secret Pal!!!!

My Secret pal sent me this very nice box. Everything was wrapped nicely - and I hesitated a bit thinking that I should really take a picture of the wrapping job for the blog. Then my inner 3 year old took over, and I tore off the wrappings to see what was inside!

The lovely yarn is Cotton Stria by Manos del Uruguay. Lovely stuff... reminds me of the old 1824 cotton yarn, now discontinued. Then, there is a Spin Off magazine. For my Sept. excursion, a French/English dictionary and a French Slang dictionary (fun!). And, to add to my rubber ducky collection, a mini rubber ducky kit.

thank you SO much!!


And, in other amazing news, I finished my Birch last night. No pics yet. I'm blocking it tonight. The fabric is so soft and cuddly...I finished it late last night, and wasn't ready to stop petting it, so I took it to bed with me. Yep, now I'm using my knitting as a comfort blanket....


My current favorite webcam : the PandaCam of the couple week old baby panda at the San Diego Zoo.... so much fun.


Friday I'm heading out on Vacation for 10 days. We're heading out to CA - the weekend in Santa Cruz (with a planned visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium)(I love that place). Then 4 days in San Jose (with, of course, a visit to Nathania's yarn store. Then, we're heading to a friend's ranch in the mountains for the weekend. We will have a wonderful time!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Still here.

Work writing is getting in the way of blog writing (if one isn't happening, the other isn't either :-) )

Knitting is happening. Birch shawl is down to 139 or so stitches on the needles, and I started the 3rd ball of yarn. Its going much faster now...

Tonight is Girls Night Out - such fun!

Weekend was great - hit 2 art fairs (pictures to follow), and went to Valleyfair (local amusement park.). The kids had a great time. I had fun watching them, especially the 3 year old. I did go on a couple rides - but tame ones. Tilt-a-whirl. Scrambler. Antique autos. Bumper Cars....

And, a week from Friday I'm heading out on vacation! Yippee!

That's it. Must write more work prose.

Monday, August 01, 2005

First - Thank you for all the kind comments on the baby blanket. It was a lot of fun to make.

Second -

Happy Birthday to my Blog!

Its my blog's second birthday - I never thought I'd keep this up this long! Its very nice having my own corner of the web.... Thanks everyone for visiting over the last 2 years!

Knitting is slow... I'm in the black-hole phase of Birch. Trying not to get distracted by Annie's Corset, or Girl from Auntie's Eris... mmmm... Eris.

Not to mention that I"m still working on fish. And a square for John's Afghan .

But - still no pics. Hmmm.