Friday, May 28, 2004

More picsI've been a busy knitter - hmm...

The waves blanket is almost done. I've got the knitting done, and the weaving in of ends. I just need to wash and block it.

Pretty, isn't it :-)

And, I've been knitting on the Stitch n Bitch baby blanket. I love Kersti...

I'm also wimping out on some other baby presents - I'm knitting more duck feet. I'm going to pick up a bunch of copies of the book "I Wish That I Had Duck Feet" as an accompianment... I'm also thinking about mimicing Sarah and knit a duck hat as well. (Thanks Sarah for letting me know the source). I thought I had Bliss' "Kid's Knits for Heads, Hands and Toes", but can't put my hands on it. I may have to pick it up...

More duck feet pic:

Then, Sunday my younger sister came over. She fell in love with the duck feet, and wanted to know if I could make them in her size. I'm always game for a challenge, so I started this while I was home sick yesterday :

Since that ends up looking just like the little one, just zoomed in - here's a comparison shot:

Soon I'll start her Panda hood... Maybe over the weekend.

And, I had my hair dyed red. (The pic isn't great...)

Not doing much for the long weekend. I'm visiitng a friend who had a baby a month ago - I haven't met her baby yet!! I'm so excited! The weather is supposed to be crappy her in MN for the weekend, so I'm not looking to do much. Get my house picked up, and maybe (shhh) organize my library/stash. It would be nice to be able to walk through that room...

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Some quick pics, and quick updates.Knitting Updates

While I've been knitting, baby blankets don't show much progress... so I'm going to post the pics I took LAST MONDAY, and pretend they're from this week... (shhhh... don't tell me I didnt' post for a week and a half....)

Waves Blanket:

I'm significantly farther on this - The top blue is now about half the size of the bottom blue stripe. I'm trying to get this one done this week... so I can get farther on this:

I have absolutely fallen in love with this yarn in these colors. This is Koigu Kersti... and the colorway is amazing!!!!!! Its getting kinda tempting to get other yarn for this blanket, and make a top for me from this... bad

I'm trying to get these done, along with a couple more pairs of Duck Feet.... so I can join the Charlotte Along! I sent off a request for a colorway to the Boys (Posies... so pretty). Hopefully its still available!

And - I have to pick up a copy of Middlemarch, so I can read it just like Greta

General Info

I forgot to mention (oops) that I had won a GREAT prize from Knitti-Me... some wonderful PURPLE yarn. (see her April 25th entry) I have no idea what to make from it yet... but its Wonderful. I freely admit I won it due to Google. (Google is a great tool.) Granted, I also needed her hint. (See her HINT at the bottom of the April 23rd entry). I looked on her FO page, and saw a oblique reference to Star Trek ( I'm a Knitter, not a Seamstress)... and I'm a Star Trek geek. Granted, I'm a heretical Star Trek geek - as I prefer TNG to TOS, and really liked DS9. But there is lovely purple yarn to be knittted... someday....

Thank you again, Knitti-Me!!


Yes, I gardened. Just a little - I planted windowboxes on my porch... See?

And a closer shot:

I did four of these, and planted a rose tree, and a real tree over the weekend. Now I still need to replace 5 rosebushes around the bottom of the tree (those died last year...) and I'll have a pretty front of my house!

Off to knit more!

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

so little knitting actually doneIts been a couple busy weeks around my house.... hence the lack of posts. Last time I showed up here, I mentioned I was at a rather large Trivia Contest. After not sleeping much that weekend (which was OK, cause no-one slept much that weekend.) we came in 21st. This is both a great thing and a disappointing thing - great because last year we were 26th (and moving up is _really_ hard in the upper 30 or so teams), and disappointing because for most of the contest we had been in the teens (we had a long plateau at 17th), we were hoping to stay in the top 20. Oh, well....

Then, last week I went away from my kids for an entire week to a work conference in San Jose, CA*. Even better - went away with my husband. Granparents took care of the kids, and we not only got some good work stuff done, we had a good time being a couple instead of parents.

Knitting-wise, not much has been going on. I'm still working on the waves baby blanket, but haven't gotten a picture. Hopefully, I'll finish it by next week. I could stand to get started on the other blanket, but haven't. On the plane to California, I crocheted. Really. I decided to follow Wendy (and others) in crocheting a blanket for the Critter Knitters Knitathon in order to get better at that other common yarn craft. No pics of that, either. But its coming along nicely. I decided I like single crochet better than double or triple, though.

And, I picked up a long-neglected sock last night. Blankets are great things, but not for knitting at the Big One's orchestra concert. Since we sat in back, and couldn't see, I didn't feel bad about knitting and listening. They were pretty good for 4th and 5ht graders!

One of my bestest friends had a baby last week... and I need to figure out what to make for this child. I'm thinking of making a lacy sweater for the fall... but no pattern jumps to mind.

And, I got my Interweave Knits last night. Pretty good issue... I'm in love with the Gibson Girl sweater...

I picked up a new book, A Knitter's Template. So far, I like it. I like their approach to fit. (I'm planning on writing a fuller review later). (along with writing a review of Annie Modestit's book) (along with... ah, you get the point)

*I work in a Twin Cities-based satellite engineering office of a largish software company, based in San Jose. As does my husband. This is both a good thing and a bad thing.