Saturday, September 24, 2005

Gone for the week to French Camp.

Up in the decidedly fall-like North of Minnesota (here)

Au Revoir!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Fishy Blanket:

I've gotten a TON of comments about my fishy blanket, and wish to thank everyone again!

In the pile, I've gotten a question, and I've got some hints:

Attaching Fish

Margot asked how I attached the fish.

I did not follow the pattern in attaching the fish. Not just because I didn't like it as much, but because on the first fish blanket, I didn't read that set of instructions :-)

How I did it:

I used single crochet, alternating which fish I attached the crochet to.

Wordy instructions:

Place slip knot on hook.
*Insert hook just behind the edge stitch on the fish on the right, wrap yarn, and pull through a loop.
Wrap yarn, pull wrap through both loops on hook.
Insert yarn just behind the edge stitch on the fish on the left, wrap yarn, and pull through a loop.
Wrap yarn, pull wrap through both loops on hook.*
Repeat from * to *.


1 - Block the fish firmly before attaching them. I've made 3 blankets - the first I aggressively blocked and it was lovely. The second I didn't, and it has gotten sloppy as it ages.

2 - Learn to do twist right and twist left on the needles - its much easier than moving the stitches

3 - The right-looking fish and the left looking fish are identical except for 10 or so rows on the head, which is listed as an additional chart. I photocopied the main chart and the extra chart, then cut out and taped the extra chart over the main chart and rephotocopied it - making it much easier to read.

4 - the pattern is also written out, but its a great pattern to learn to read a chart from. Very straightforward.

5 - I'm working on placemats using the fish pattern. I'm using a nupp-like bobble instead of the full 5-stitch, 5 row bobble in the chart (On the front, I still knit into the front and back of the stitch 5 times, turn, then do sl2, k3tog, psso 2 immediately.) It still shows up very well, but is much closer to the fabric.

6 - I made a purse by doubling yarns (I have no idea now which two... but they were dk weight if memory serves), and using a 5.5mm needle, and making 2 fish. These fish ended up larger, but with a firm fabric. I sewed them together so the opening of the purse was the fishes mouths, then attahched an i-cord strap. Then I added fringe at the bottom, and from the edges of the fins. I added funky beads and charms to the fringe, because this was supposed to be Delirium's fish. (Sandman reference). I keep considering making a second one of these for myself...

7 - I seamed the fish along mouth and tails first, then crocheted the seams together. This is exactly what the pattern calls for :-)

Fish Blanket Info
And, just to repeat: the design is from Knitters 51. It is not available through backorder, and I'm not selling my copy - I'm not breaking up my Knitter's run, and there are a couple other good patterns in this one.

I only knit 24 fish. The pattern as written calls for 40 or so.

Yarn: Knit Picks Shine
Size 4mm needle

This is the third fish blanket I've knit. I knit 2 in Encore worsted, one with greens and blues and other in red, purple, yellow and blue, trimmed in green to match the crib sheet set on the Little One's bed. (this one I'm tempted to rip out the attachments, reblock and reattach the fishies, as the inner crochet is pulling on the fish, and the outer crochet folds under annoyingly)

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Melissa enters, pushing away cobwebs....

"Hello? Anyone there?"

pushing dust off her soapbox

Hmmm... didn't think dust would accumulate this quickly.

Thank you to these wonderful people!

I have long belated thank you's to deliver:

First and foremost - to my wonderful Secret Pal Mary! Lookit what she sent me!!

That yarn... cashmere. Yep - yummy, yummy cashmere. Its going to be a scarf, I can just tell. Once I'm done petting it.

And those cool stampers! And the Dragon puzzle (SO cool). The post-its in my initals? The book? The wonderfully yummy chocolate?

And, the rubber-ducky magnetic paperclips. Those are the best!

Thank you SO much for being my secret pal! I feel well and truly spoiled!

I've gotten a couple RAOK's in the last couple weeks, as well. A _really_ cute ecard from Christina, and some really great envelopes from Lanie. Thanks to both of you!!!!!


Life is... hmmm... busy. Work has been tricky. Fall started, putting new stresses on my schedule. (you know, school for the Big One. Lessons. Confirmation (how did she get old enough for that?). Her choir (starting soon). My choir (started 2 weeks ago). My husband's choir (started last night). Looking into going back to school. French camp in 2 weeks. Finding out I'll be finishing camp/driving home when Stephanie is in Chicago - the closest she's been yet for a signing! (sigh).

Knitting is happening... slowly. I'm knitting a second Birch - Kid Silk Haze is addictive. I'm also trying a spiral scarf (from Scarf Style) in the leftovers of the green. But, I'm in a funk. A true funk. Granted, this week is slightly better than last.

Melissa wanders back off... maybe to knit. Maybe to sleep.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

I have no words...but Give.