Saturday, February 26, 2005

I'm finally feeling almost normal. The kids are finally feeling themselves. So what's going on here tonight?

Sabrina's Birthday Party!

(You may remember that her birthday was way back the beginning of January. So... we're slow!)

Right now there are 8 9-11 year olds sitting in front of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, eating popcorn and having a great time. They showed up around 5, made mini-pizzas (one per person - works out well. No arguments over toppings!). We have a popcorn machine in the "home theater". (OK - the quotes could be removed, as it is a large screen TV and an awesome surround system). The popcorn is some of the best ever, outside of a real movie theater.

After the movie is done, we'll move to cake and ice cream and presents, and the parents will show up around 9 to pick up there over-excited, over-full children.

The Little One is being kept occupied by watching her favorite movie, Snow White.

In knitting news, I FINALLY got one of the Ribby Kersti sleeves finished! Finally! Its been on the needles for ages. I can almost smell this sweater being finished (oh, wait... maybe that's popcorn I smell... :-) )

Thanks everyone for your well wishes! Wednesday and Thursday were not good days. Friday I was more alert, but still tired easily. Its so nice to be feeling practically normal today!

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Not that I'm under the delusion that I have a large reader base that worries about me... but. I still feel obligated to the few who do read my blog (thanks!)

I'm sick. The little one is bouncing back and forth from mostly healthy to mostly sick. Yesterday was joint aches and fever. Today seems to be mostly a nasty, nasty cold - with aches. And fever.

At least Sabrina has shaken off everything and is healthy. And my husband has managed to escape, so far.

Back to bed for me...

Thursday, February 17, 2005

What a week.

I had a good birthday. Thanks everyone for your birthday wishes! I loved getting them!

Wednesday morning the little one woke up at 5am after having thrown up in her bed. That started out a day of a clingy almost 3 year old. When she isn't active, something is rather wrong. At 2pm, my husband called - the school had called, and Sabrina was sick as well. Both kids were still sick today - took the Little One's temperature and it was 104... ouch. And, Sabrina started getting worse. Took them to the doctor - Sabrina has strep and the flu, and Rebecca has the flu.

So. My life is completely wrapped up in taking care of my sick kids... I'm finishing up a Natalya mitt. I'm finishing up my baby sweater. I am spending much of the day with a sick 3 year old on my lap.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

TuesdayHappy Birthday To Me

I'm having a lovely birthday today! I have recieved some lovely presents - books from my mom-in law, including Shadow Knitting and the Scarf Style book! (I'm so happy with those - there's a couple scarves that have gone on my list...). And, a heart-shaped Silicone baking pan, and the soundtrack from the Boy from Oz (I love Amazon wish lists, don't you :-)

My husband has also given me a lovely shirt that I had admired at JJill and reluctantly put back, and a wonderful ring that I had seen in an ad (oddly enough) and fell in love with. Doesn't it look like a musical staff? I need to get it sized (I have large fingers :-) )

And my girls gave me the bound copy of 1602. Very cool.

Its been a hectic, but nice day. (Tuesdays are always hectic)

Yesterday was nice also - we never make a huge deal out of Valentine's day, but I do get flowers. Aren't they lovely?

And, I got the new Knitter's yesterday, and the new IK today! What more could a girl ask for?

Trivia - we did very well - 13th out of 72. It is a drop from last year (where we got 10th), but still very good for a relatively small team, with no local connections. 50 hours of insane trivia. I got about 8 hours of sleep Friday and Saturday nights combined.... but we have such fun! On to the next contest - in April in Stevens Point, WI. This is the biggie - its the largest radio trivia contest. 400 teams (or so) participate - and its a wild time. 54 hours non-stop. I need to sleep ahead of time :-)

And - I finished the knitting, and half the seaming on the baby sweater. Which is good, 'cause my gifting opportunity is Saturday!

Sabrina and I will be participating in the Dulann project! Hosted by the amazing Ryan, its a project to create hand-knits and fleece blankets for homeless children in Mongolia. There's been a challenge laid down that we can't even get to 500 items. Them's fighting words! 95 knitters (at least) are participating right now - that's only 5 items each! We can do it! Right?

Friday, February 11, 2005

This is a quick post, as TRIVIA starts in 3 hours.

Yes, this is one of the 2 weekends a year that we stay up to all hours participating in a 50-hour Trivia Contest.

We have people playing in New York, Wisconsin, and Minnesota this year. (we run a private IRC server, and chat with each other over that). Everyone has computers, 'cause we do much of our answer finding on the internet. The radio station broadcasts online, so we are SET. (Radio station KVSC out of St. Cloud, MN)

Wish us luck! Last year we came in 10th.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Name WizardThis is cool...


It gives a chart of the popularity of a name over time. For instance, my parents were totally in tune with a naming trend when they named me Melissa - its the 3rd most popular name for girls born in the 1970's. Its been dropping steadily since then. Go look up your name!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


That's what I'm trying to hold on to. I have to finish one of my projects before I can start anything else.

No matter what lovely pictures Nathania posts of her Must Have aran. (Go. Look. Isn't it gorgeous?). Nope. Must finish either the baby sweater, Lara, or my poor Kersti Ribby.

But, I have made progress.

I have 1 sleeve done on the baby sweater. Second is started - should be done soon. (by Friday) (really). I've made progress on the Ribby sleeve - not that I've finished it yet, but I'm almost done with the increases. That's something, right?

Hmmm.. no progress on Lara.

Oh. And I'm up to the thumb gusset on the Natalya mitts. (If its a small project, it doesn't count that I've started them without finishing anything else, does it?)

I think what I really need is to learn to knit faster. I'm thinking like a knitting coach - someone who can analyze my knitting style and give me pointers to streamline my knitting and go faster... sigh. Or, maybe, I should just find more time.

But I definately need to not succumb. I have yarn sitting here for Blaze. I could easily find yarn for the Must Have Aran. I love the Market Basket from the latest Vogue Knitting.

Anyone want to enter a no new projects pact with me? I thought not... what's the fun in that.

Gotta finish...

I did finish my GBA Zelda:Minish Cap game. Much fun! I'm playing it again... because there's this sidequest that I _almost_ finished... you match medallion halves with characters in the game - something like 120 of them, and I got all but 15. So I have to do it again. Not obsessive AT ALL. Nope!

Still under the weather. Pushed it a bit to far this weekend. Tried to go to voice lessons on Monday - It hurts to hold sustained notes. I worked on my patter song, which was fine. But then sang through one of my other pieces, and my chest aches again.

Please send thoughts and prayers to the baby of friends of mine. He's going in for surgery tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Wednesday.Still feeling under the weather. I'm taking it easy - working at home part of the time, not attending choir, not attending lessons. Taking evening baths - 'cause the humidity helps. Not exercising (though I need it... oh, well). Advil is (always) my friend.

Thank you all for the well-wishes. Greatly appreciated!!

My knitting has slowed to a crawl... still working on the baby sweater sleeve.

Got my haircut today, though. I'm very happy with it! Its exactly what I was hoping for when I went in.

Greta asked what games I'm playing. I've been pretty much concentrating on one game. I'm a Zelda fanatic - so I'm working through the latest offering. Its a Game Boy Advance game, called Legend of Zelda - the Minish Cap. Very well done game - I think I'm in the last dungeon... seems that way at least. (At least some of my intense pace on this game is a desire to stay ahead of Sabrina on this one...)

I found Zelda games a few years back when Ocarina of Time came out for the Nintendo 64. I LOVE that game. I then proceeded to go out and buy a SNES (for like $50) to play SNES Zelda. I've messed around with the 2 NES Zeldas, and played Link's Awakening through a couple times. Then Majora's Mask came out for the N64. Then the Game Cube, and WindWaker. And, the SNES Zelda came out slightly redone for the GBA. And they did a multi-player (via link cable) version that was a hybrid Game Boy/Cube game called Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. Which I have also finished (with my sister!!). I love video games.

I had been playing Final Fantasy 1 on my GBA. And, have to steal back Mario and Luigi Superstars from my daughter. I started Final Fantasy X-2 on the PS2, but haven't gotten into it much. (If you're thinking I have a lot of game machines around, you'd be right. More gadgets!!)

Lets see... what else is going on. Well, there's another charity knitting happening. The Dulaan Project is being set up by Ryan. Goal: knitted items for Mongolian kids. (I need to get the button for this one on my sidebar... I've been neglecting my template changes...)

Well. That's my energy for this evening. I've got some other corners of my world that I'm worrying about as well, not just my health. (why do unfortunate things clump?)