Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Thank you Greta!!!

See what the amazing Greta sent me?

All from Maryland Sheep and Wool... makes me feel like I was kinda _there_. Thank you SO much Greta!


I've been knitting, but Real Life has been getting in the way of blogging. I'm busy writing a bunch at work (or trying to... I've got writer's block on my performance reviews). I feel guilty writing on by blog when my work writing is unfinished.

Which is why this entry is very short. More soon - but it may stretch out to possibly next week.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Hectic Week = No Posting!

(I'm brushing up on my math! )


Thanks to all of you for the responses about guild! I did go, met Renee there and had a good time. Thank you again Renee for offering to meet me there - it was great meeting you!


At Guild I was working on Fish. Many Fish. Its all the "fault" of the folks over at Knitter's Review. I got a couple questions about the source of the Fish Blanket I made for my daughter a while back.

So I'm using this yarn:

Its Knit Picks Shine, and is a wonderfully soft, workable cotton/modal blend yarn. It is my new favorite summer yarn. It is AWESOME. You should buy some. Really.

So. Fish blanket. (BTW - its from Knitters issue 51, summer 1998. OOP issue, sorry. However, Knitting Arrows has created a recipie for her own fish and posted it on her blog.) I'm making fish in green and turquoise, and edging it in sand. Its supposed to be ocean-like.

I've got 7 fish done.

I like knitting fish - the pattern is simple and straightforward, easy to memorize. Also very portable.)


I've been so distracted by fish, I haven't been finishing this:

Its the Crumpets dress from Chiagu, for my little one.


Also this week I got new glasses - see! I love them! They are so funky.

And. I'm being lured by lace knitting. With the various pretty shawls being finished lately, the lure of fine lace knitting is calling my name. After fish. Must finish fish first.

Monday, May 16, 2005


I'm so happy...I was RAOK'd!

I came home on Friday, looking toward a busy weekend... and in my mail were these ADORABLE stitch markers. And candy. Thank you Sallee!

I love them. I especially like the amber colored one with the cool silver wrapping on it.

The weekend did go well. My sister graduated - got her diploma and everything. I'm so proud. It was disappointing to have had the ceremony moved inside because of weather, both because outside is nicer and the reception for the graduates was cancelled because of the change. We had a very nice dinner (at Kozlak's) afterwards, though.


I also have a finished object - the Panda Shrug for the aforementioned sister is also completed.

It turned out nicely. Its my own design, made from Moustachio yarn (just like the panda sweater from last year). There are 2 more pieces left to put together - finger covers for winter. As you can tell, she likes it.


So. I'm thinking of dropping in on the Minnesota Knitting Guild meeting tomorrow night. I went to one meeting almost 8 years ago, and never made it back*. However - I don't know anyone there. So I'll be dropping in blind... which is scary. (Full Disclosure - I'm posting this partially in hope that another MN Guild person reads it and is willing to meet me there). So. I guess I'm not looking for advice, but reassurance that this isn't as scary as I think it will be. The more I think about it, the less likely I am to go.... ack. The more I think about posting this paragraph the less comfortable I am doing it - if it dissapears later, I became too uncomfortable with it.

*(Various reasons that have nothing to do with the members of the guild.)

Friday, May 13, 2005

Things I learned today.

1 - A double-pointed needle makes a good tool to take keys off of your keyboard.

2 - The reason most keyboards are not made from clear plastic is you can see the gunk underneath.

3 - Disassembling your keyboard to clean it is a great procrastination tool.

4 - Blogging about your procrastination is an EVEN BETTER procrastination tool.

5 - 34 deg. F. and rain SUCKS in May.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I'm not Bitter about not going to MDS&W. Really. It looked like amazing fun. It would have been great to meet all those bloggers. And, all that yarn... yum.

OK. I'm a bit bitter. Granted, I would not have had fun wandering about by myself. I would have not liked to be a tag-a-long, and I probably would have missed finding everyone. And, I really don't need more yarn. (That almost works to make myself feel better)

I did do good family stuff last weekend. My mother-in-law is moving, so we went and helped clean out the house. That was Saturday. Sunday we went to my mom's house and had brunch.

Now this weekend, my sister is graduating on Saturday, we have tickets to the Hobbit at the Children's Theater on Friday, and we have tickets to the Lion King on Sunday. Busy weekend... should be fun, though.

So, instead of MDS&W - I'm posting my current set of pictures.

I finished 3 Dulann Hats -

One is a basic hat. Encore Bulky.

One is a Coronet hat from Knitty. Cascade 220 in a pretty blue. I like this hat - it was fun to knit. I'm planning to knit another one soon.

The third is from the Vogue Knit on the Go book for Bulky Hats and Scarves. Its knit using short rows, then dropping stitches for the loops. I totally misread the pattern, but it still turned out cute. The loops should be off the bottom, not out of the middle, then folded up for about the same look.

Here's a closer picture.

And - Spring has arrived - see!

Flowering Crab!

My favorites... Lilacs!

(edited to remove double posting...oops)

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Sorry... no part 3 yet. sigh.

And, I'm in a picture taking funk - which seems to be massively slowing down my blogging.

I have now finished 3 hats for the Dulaan project. I picked up the Vogue on the Go book with hat and scarf patterns for bulky yarn - fun. I especially had fun with the last hat I finsihed - which I will show later (tease)

I did buy more yarn - I tested out Kristine's new store - very well put together!. I bought these:

One skein of Lorna's Laces yumminess, and 3 skeins of Alchemy silk yarn. All yummy. All without projects.

I'm currenly working on Crumpets - I had to rip out the beginning AGAIN! I realized that its not the joining row that causes problems. Its the second row - the circular join in my first row is always a bit loose, and it wraps as I knit the first row - if I'm not careful, when I start the second row I can be completely twisted! (I had been absolutely certain not to twist when joining - now know better on the next row as well.)

I did play around with Flickr today - I now have a bunch of finished object pictures up there. And the pictures from my Maine trip to photograph fall foliage last autumn is up there also.

(Hopefully those links work!)

Well... g'night! tran