Friday, July 28, 2006

Impressions of Iceland - day 1

What, Iceland you say? Yep. After ignoring my blog for weeks, I'm in Iceland.

Since I posted, I've had a French 14 year old in my house for a month (went very well), spent a long weekend up on the north shore of Lake Superior (also went well (pics on Flickr), finished a Pomt...Ponta....Pompat... Whatever sock and am working on the gusset of the second, and have gotten my passport and flown to Iceland for work.

Yep, work. I managed to snag my way onto the Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop Iceland Adventure. 8 days of taking picutres in Iceland. (OK. I also have to be gathering customer data and providing tech support. Still)

I arrived at 6:15 or so local time, and am capturing some of my impressions here.

The Iceland Airport is small. Has hardwood floors, and a 3 or 4 huge duty-free shops. I got the first stamp in my passport!

I rode on a bus to REykjavik and my hotel. (The airport is approx an hour outsize of Reykjavik) The area was very prairie-like, but there are these stacks of stones I am very curious about. They seem to be (primarily) 3-4 stones stacked 6-8 feet high. Many look like silhouettes of people.

Got to my hotel at 8 or so, and was very lucky that my room was ready. I napped until noon, then got up, showered, and wandered the streets to take some snapshots and have lunch.

Then I came back, Video Chatted back home, and napped again. Tonight we had a great dinner, preceded by a lovely slideshow by the author of Lost in Iceland. He takes beautiful photos - very inspiring.

One of the photographers gave me an idea. He said that it can be very interesting to look at pictures that ask a question instead of making a statement. I like that idea. It is sitting in my head.

One thing I'm also working on... the houses here are just a little off what I'm used to seeing. I'm not sure why - but the urban landscape has a very foreign feel. Something about the angles, and the size of the windows.

It was overcast today. Still lovely.

Reykjavik is lovely. OK Quaint might be a better word. (I used Cute earlier, but knew right away that was not right). Right now its 1:30 in the morning, and its like just after sunset. Its also very noisy on the streets. Its also hard to spell.

I've got pictures up on my Flickr site

Well. Off to bed. Tomorrow we leave Reykjavik and head out to another smaller town and hotel which will be our base for a couple days. G'night!